Best Android Games and Music Applications for Children

Music games and apps are fun for kids of all ages and sometimes for the entire family, whether you cannot carry a tune or have a perfect pitch. There is a pick that would fit the needs of your family, whether you are downloading music from YouTube or you want to turn your smartphone into an instrument with these astonishing apps.


Animal Band: 3D Interactive Music Toy

This is an enjoyable sing-along experience for kids. It includes Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, 1 2 3 4 5, Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle. The songs are set and paired in 3 various places – a winter scene featuring a Christmas tree, a boat, and a jungle. Children scroll over the photos to select a song and they would encounter 2 other song pairs that are only available as an in-app purchase. Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old McDonald cost $0.99 in-app. The Coming Round the Mountain and the Wheels on the Bus is also an extra $0.99. The character replies in fun ways to swipes and taps. This makes a great exploration application for your kids.


Baby’s Musical Hands

This is an easy music-making application that rewards toddlers and babies with colorful starbursts and musical sounds whenever they touch the screen. The iPad version has 15 buttons that create various percussion, guitar, and piano sounds, while the iPod Touch and iPhone version has 10 instruments (guitar and piano only).


Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra

This app encourages children to explore various sounds and make a lot of noise. Children could listen to sounds created from a diversity of instruments created from household things, play the sounds by themselves, or discover how they work together. Even young children must navigate the easy interface with comfort, although toddlers might need help switching among play options. There are no fancy features, such as recording, here. It is just a simple and plain exploration. You could read its privacy policy for information on the kinds of details shared and collected.


Music Sparkles

This is a good freemium musical instrument application for young children. It comes with 2 instruments (drum kit and xylophone) and has available 12 more with in-app update. The app is developed to familiarize children to various musical instruments and provides freestyle music making with the choice to play along loops that are pre-recorded. What sets the application separately from others is that the instruments simulated play like a real thing. The engaging and colorful interface is designed well and very responsive for children of any ability and age.

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ABC Music

This is a groundbreaking learning application that demonstrates the musical instruments and alphabet. The application links to YouTube vids that are curated by the Peapod Labs staff and are selected to be safe and interesting for children. The app demonstrates the alphabet using videos and photos and lets children to jump to new words by tapping its letters.


Boogie Bopper

This is a musical application developed to aid preschoolers enhance their listening and coordination skills. Children could listen to famous songs including The Muffin Man, Old McDonald, and Baa Baa Black Sheep, and tap colored circles demonstrating various pitches to reconstruct the song as a cute cartoon dog or cat dances along. A 2nd option allows children tap the circles in any order they want to make their own song, and move around the circles to create various patterns.

Melody Jams

This is a baby-friendly music-making app. There is no incorrect way to play, and there are no sharing choices, so children could explore and tap on their own. The free download includes a music scene in the garage. Other scenes can be purchased. No personal data is collected and only anonymous usage information is gathered. Complete details could be found in its privacy policy.



Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter

This is a stellar musical application that provides young children a rare chance to experiment with composition of music. The creators of the app compare the experience to finger painting in the way young children discover visual art making without formal training in art. Here, children could make short musical composition, selecting various instruments and laying tracks down by simply drawing using their fingers on a blank canvas. A small parental guidance would get young children composing in no time.


Musical Me: By Duck Duck Moose

This is a variety of mini-games music-based that let children to play around with instrumentation, rhythm, and pitch. One game lets children tap the melody out to a classic tune on flying birds. Whatever bird is selected would play the next song note, letting children to learn the rhythm without worrying about tapping a wrong key. Be aware that official instruction isn’t the intent of the application.

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