Airport Parking Guide: Get Cheap and Discount Airport Parking

While driving to an airport, the major concern amongst people is parking their vehicle. While the airport services take care of the security and safety of the car, the high parking fee is a cause of concern for people. This is especially troublesome for people going for a long vacation who must pay the daily tariff for the parking spot. To solve this problem, we have a guide on attaining lucrative discounts on the airport parking.


Top Ways to Save On Airport Parking Fee

If high parking fees are hampering your tight travel budget, then here are the top tips through which you can get cheap and discount airport parking:

#1. Advance Booking: It is always recommended to book your parking spot at an airport, in advance. This is because, since the parking rates at an airport are already high, if you arrive without a booking you would have to pay whatever rate they charge you. Thus, make advance booking before arriving at the airport and you may be able to save as much as 50% of the parking rate.

#2. Keep Track of official discounts: One can also keep an eye for discounts offered for long-term parking, by the airport. One can find such discounts at either various coupon sites dedicated to offering discount coupons on various services, or by checking the website of parking services for any discount offers. It is also suggested to sign up for mailing list of parking services as soon as one plans their travel program. This is because often the companies send discounts on email to their subscribers rather than posting on their official websites.

#3. Off-site Parking: Another great way to get cheap parking is to find an off-site parking site instead of booking a seat at the airport’s on-site parking area. Many large airports offer such off-site parking options which offer massively reduced rates. This option makes it a great respite for people looking for parking their car for a long period such as a week or more. These off-site parking lots also provide a 24/7 shuttle service from the parking lot to the airport every 10-20 minutes or so, making them a highly convenient option.

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How to Find an Optimal Off-Site Parking?

While off-site parking is a cheap alternative, but the fee at every site varies from the other. The closer the parking lot to the terminals, the higher they may charge. Moreover, since comparison sites do not list all the parking services and their rates, one may have to search the available lots near the airport and visit their official website individually to check their prices. Following are the additional features one should look for:

  • The parking lot should have a spacious indoor parking spot for accommodating all models of vehicles optimally.
  • The area should also be safe and secure and under video surveillance 24/7 to prevent any theft or damage to the car.
  • Also, ensure that there is free shuttle service that runs every 10-20 minutes from the parking area to the airport.
  • There should also be an option for free and easy cancellations for the added convenience of the client.

These features would ensure that you get cheap as well as convenient and a quality parking spot at or near the airport during long travels. You may further search online and compare the prices listed of various parking lots to get the best deal available. There are various online portals dedicated especially to list and compare the prices of airport car parking services.

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