The Woman After 40 – Advice Nutritionist, Doctor, Beautician, Psychologist, and Coach

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Only note the fortieth anniversary, many women find that this extra weight. Previously, some dreamed score 2-3 kg to the desired weight, but they were in transit, now, when they are least expected, all “kg” is also friends with a lead. Women after 40 set records for weight gain! They are very useful advice nutritionist, doctor, beautician, psychologist, and coach.


The woman after 40 – Tips dietitian:

In his forties, unstable hormones primarily determine the behavior of women. To balance their action and not to the torture of loved one’s mood swings, a woman of 40 years should be carefully treated to the lifestyle, and pay particular attention to nutrition and physical activity. It is necessary to do with a little effort, a little change your diet to follow the basic guidelines to get your reward: a good mood, well-being, and easy menopause.

The main rule of the power of 40-year-old woman is – there are more and more slowly. Such a diet will eliminate the digestive disorders, flatulence and helps burn calories faster. We must remember that the fat burning speed is frequent and small meals!

Keep in mind that hormonal differences significantly affect the mood, so you need to include in your diet products “Joy,” containing tryptophan, and its derivative – serotonin – the hormone of happiness. For serotonin, the body needs amino acids derived from the protein, which is found in meat, fish, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, oats, bananas, peanuts, dried figs, pine nuts, sesame. Focus on these products! However, preference should be given to animal sources of protein as vegetable protein is defective. This should eliminate all fatty meats, fried potatoes, pastries, and cakes.

A lot of tryptophan in the following products (per 100 g): rabbit meat – 330 mg, chicken breast – 290 mg, Dutch cheese – 790 mg, peas and beans – 260 mg, herring – 250 mg, cottage cheese fat – 210 mg, beef – 230 mg, eggs – 200 mg buckwheat – 180 mg, carp – 180 mg.


The woman after 40 – a doctor’s advice:

Women over 40 should be aware that her body is losing ground across the board. Therefore, your task is to help your body adjust to the new stage and keep it in shape. From 40 to 50 years the majority of women feel the first signs of menopause. In this age, period occurs degenerative changes of muscle fibers and their replacement by fatty and connective tissue. In simple words – a woman loses shape, “gutter.” To smooth and reduce all of these processes are recommended required daily exercise, stretching, aerobic exercise. During the lessons should involve all groups of muscles.

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It is necessary to carry out laboratory tests annually: checking blood cholesterol, sugar, lecithin, complete blood count and urinalysis. After 40 years there is a risk of cancer, so you need to visit a gynecologist and examine breasts.

Drink enough water, because of the water – a fountain of youth cells. Without water in the cells and blood vessels accumulate waste, accelerates the development of diseases.


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The woman after 40 – Tips beautician:

After 40 age-related changes occur on the face, neck and décolleté: decreased elasticity of the skin, blood vessels become brittle. More notable are the nasolabial folds, skin texture changes, appears pigmentation, pores and capillaries dilate. On the cheekbones and cheeks lost the volume of adipose tissue, facial muscles weaken. As a result, there are “Bryl” and changed the face oval. So important is regular maintenance, rather than occasional.

In cosmetic products should contain moisturizing, nourishing and vitamin ingredients, substances strengthen capillaries, protect the material from solar radiation.

You can make a home remedy for skin care: olive oil + + yolk protein, which has a lifting property. To cleanse the skin honey is suitable if there is no allergy to it.

Also important is the stimulation of facial muscles, because it reduces the tone of muscles and ligaments, there nasolabial folds and “bulldog” cheeks. It will help mimic exercises and self-massage of the face.


Remember, to achieve a good result; you need fresh air, restful sleep, a balanced diet, and active lifestyle, or no nursing care or expensive creams do not help.


The woman after 40 – Psychologist:

The 40-aged woman quite strictly revises his life. If a woman is at this age, do not children or left alone if there is no significant results in his career, then it increasingly tends to devalue life. In this case, we should not forget that life is beautiful, and there are a lot of things you and unrecognized interesting in 45 years. Do not turn in on them, do not blame yourself, not engaged in self-flagellation!


The woman after 40 – advice to the coach:

After 40 starts in a woman during the second youth – power and energy still enough for many. And if you’re not a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, you can do so now, for the fortieth anniversary.

At this age, hormonal function fades, and there is a risk for the skeletal system – bone mass decreases every year by almost 1%. These irreversible processes will help to mitigate the regular exercise. By four workouts per week are added walking more intense and prolonged. Every day you need to take place at a rapid pace of 12,000 steps to train the heart muscle to stress. Scientists have found that women who drank a glass of milk a day, have a high density of the bones, and those who drink a lot of coffee – it reduces their frequency.


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