Flossing Once a Day Keeps a Dentist Away!

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Good oral health is one of the hottest and trendiest topics to talk on nowadays. Turn your head in any direction and you will find someone or the other oral hygiene freak. Well, there is nothing wrong in that but even after taking such good care of their teeth, people are facing dental issues in vast number. There is something which is going irregular or missing.

If you strive to have a good oral health, you can clearly see knock-on effects on your overall health and wellbeing. One of the ways that people often ignore is Flossing on a daily basis. It is a highly effective process to get rid of plaque from your teeth. Basically, the plaque is a soft bacterial film which forms near the gum line and between teeth. Some of the harmful dental problems like tooth loss, tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases can be kept at bay by flossing daily.

But, if you brush your teeth twice daily, what is the need of flossing to remove plaque? The answer to this question is quite simple. Bristles of a toothbrush are not able to clean between your teeth where flossing comes into the picture to complete the process. Also, known as interdental cleaner, flossing is able to clean tight spaces between two teeth. Thus, resulting in effective cleaning.


Why flossing is important?

When done with brushing, flossing can become quite beneficial on a daily basis. Here are some advantages:

  • Helps to keep your mouth clean and healthy which in turn helps in keeping your body healthy
  • Capable of reducing the build-up of plaque that can form tartar (if left untreated)
  • Works better than brushing process. Use mouthwash to reach hard-to-reach areas in the mouth
  • Keeps your gums healthy and gum diseases at bay
  • Helps in saving a lot of money as healthy mouth means fewer visits to a dentist


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Is flossing once a day enough?

Flossing once a day is sufficient if you do it properly without missing any teeth area. You can floss after you are done eating your meal for the day and just before bed. Actually, anytime is okay to floss to complete your job. What matters is you are flossing properly once in a whole day.

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What is the correct way to floss?

People know when to floss but often don’t know the right way to floss their teeth. Here is a simple procedure. Take a piece of 8 inches of your chosen floss. Wrap each end to your any finger leaving enough part to reach comfortably to your back teeth. Start from the back by placing the floss behind the tooth and bringing one end to the tooth. Scrape your teeth up and down to remove the plaque film from your teeth. Keep the process going until you are done with every tooth.

Flossing is not at all a painful procedure but in starting days your gums might bleed while removing plaque from your teeth. Keep the process going. In case, flossing is becoming difficult, you can consult the Best Dentist Bushwick in your area about various ways to remove plaque from your teeth and gums.

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