4 Ways a Tummy Tuck Surgery Can Boost Your Health

If you just had a major weight loss recently or went through pregnancy, then you must be familiar with the baggy, loose, scarred skin and stretch marks that drastic body changes like these often leave. The human skin is truly an amazing organ with some wonderful regenerative and defensive properties, but it simply does not always have the ability to shrink back itself after childbirth or weight loss. Not surprisingly, the leading reason that people choose to go through a tummy tuck in Atlanta is that they are unhappy with the appearance of their abdomen following a pregnancy or weight loss.

Having to live with extra skin that just does not go away despite persistent exercise or diet can be highly discouraging, especially for someone who just worked so hard to make it to their goal weight. For such individuals, a tummy tuck may be the best suitable way to tighten the skin and boost self-esteem and health instantly.

Last year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was able to note that about 117,000 patients just had tummy tuck procedures, and each year, the number keeps soaring high. Although it is just a cosmetic surgery, there are several ways a tummy tuck can work wonders to boost your health and make your appearance better and allow you to live a better and healthy life too.

Here are four ways a tummy tuck surgery can boost your health.

Enhances Self Esteem

The most obvious way a tummy tuck can improve your health is by restoring your confidence. According to a study by the board of plastic surgeons, about 89% of patients who had a tummy tuck were happy with their results and reported high levels of satisfaction. In the same research, about 89.9% of patients had improved self-esteem and improved quality of life after their surgery.

Feeling attractive in your own skin works wonders to boost your self-esteem and confidence; this sets individuals up for success in countless aspects of their lives. According to Crispin Plastic Surgery, individuals who have a healthy self-esteem are more confident in their ability to make decisions, they are more realistic in their expectations, and they are able to perform honest and secure relationships. Having healthy self-esteem also leads to a healthy body as well as a good sense of “self-worth.”

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An Active Lifestyle

In women who go through cesarean sections, it is not something common for the scar tissue to harden, making certain positions and movements uncomfortable. Before you have children, this discomfort may feel debilitating. Some individuals who just had significant weight loss, the excess skin that stays behind can feel equally debilitating. Your range of movement may hinder or slow down by the weight of the extra skin around your midsection.  This can make it more difficult for you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle that may result in further weight loss. Most patients who go through a tummy tuck find this procedure freeing for this precise reason. With a well-toned tummy, you can stretch, bend further and move quickly. Some activities that were previously causing discomfort such as swimming, running or yoga become much more enjoyable without the burden of the extra skin around your midsection. Not only does it make you feel more comfortable physically, but you will also feel less self-conscious as well.

Increases Motivation

Sometimes, there is nothing like seeing progress to motivate you to work harder on something. The same goes for patients who go through a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck surgery can boost your motivation to continue towards having a healthy and slim body. It gives a patient a second wave of elation, keeping them on the path to fitness. After putting in hard work to lose your weight and going through a surgery that changes your body, the majority of patients redouble their efforts to lose more weight after their surgery.

Smaller Appetite

It is not something common for people who go through a tummy tuck to have a smaller appetite for the first six months following their tummy tuck surgery. The tightening of the skin and the muscles in the lower abdomen may cause the stomach to constrict, and encourage you to eat less. In another study by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, women who went through a tummy tuck gave their reports of feeling satiety or a feeling or fullness following their cosmetic surgery. Those women were able to accomplish their journey to lose weight for the first year after their procedure and interestingly, women who had the removal of their abdominal tissue during the procedure also gave their verdict that they experienced the biggest weight loss in the following year.

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Opting for a tummy tuck can bring along numerous advantages or benefits for your health, provided you follow the right course of treatment and consult the best plastic surgeon in your area. Weigh the odds and take your time to choose the best surgeon!

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