Key Difference Between Semi-Framed and Frameless Shower Screens

A shower screen forms an integral part of your bathroom décor and gives an ultra-modern look to your bathing area. It makes your bathroom look more stylish and delivers a smooth finish as well. It also maximizes the light into the bathroom, making it look more spacious. Quiet easy to maintain, the glass shower screens can be used for years without many efforts. If you have a busy household or looking for an easy solution, a glass shower screen is an appropriate thing to choose.

With various designs available, semi-framed and frameless shower screens are commonly used by most of the homeowners due to their unparalleled designs and clean looks. Due to their respective advantages, it has always been questionable on to which shower screen is more appropriate.

Following is the brief analysis of what both types of shower screens are all about? And what are their key differences?

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

If you are looking for a midway between frameless and framed shower enclosures, Semi-frameless shower screen is the appropriate choice. As one side of the glass, the piece is fixed to the wall and the other side of the glass comes with the minimal frame. Compared to any full-framed structure, these semi-frameless shower screens look less cluttered.

Frameless Shower Screen

For an elegant and modern accent in your bathroom, frameless shower screen is the most preferred choice. It can substantially increase the value of your house with its sober design and high-end style. It generally comes with a special protective coating that gives it a strong resistance to the drip marks as well as soap scum. For safety purposes, this kind of shower door comes along with small fittings and small hinges. You will not find any metal around its edges and the glass is generally thicker compared to other forms.

To qualify for a frameless glass, the thickness of the glass must be 3/8” or more (as prescribed under Australian standards). Most appropriate for smaller bathrooms, if your space lacks the light, frameless shower screens are the best option. With this type of shower door, you can successfully create an illusion of more light and space, giving an edge to your bathrooms.

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Semi-framed and frameless shower screens – A comparative analysis

FeaturesSemi-FramelessFramelessNo. of PartsCompared to frameless, semi frame has more parts in itIt has lesser parts in it.MaintenanceIt needs more maintenance and cleaning.It is very quick to clean and easy to maintain.ThicknessThe glass used in this is generally thickIt has thicker glass than semi-framelessCostIt is more cost-effective compared to framelessCompared to Semi frameless, it is expensiveInstallationThe installation process is quite long and complicatedIt is quite easy to install.Usage of MetalMetal is used around the glass edges along the tiles/wallsMetal is only used on the glass panels.

With a wide range of screen shower varieties available in the market, choosing the right option is a tedious task. All you need to know is your requirements and budget for these shower screens so that you can choose an ideal one for your bathroom. Say, if budget is the prime consideration, semi-frameless is more appropriate. If the installation process is considered, frameless is more favorable.

By using the glass doors, you can effectively clean your bathroom without any prolonged processes. These glass doors are very easy to clean and hence you can spare the time to do other important aspects of your home. No doubt, you can derive a beautiful finish from both the frameless and semi-frameless shower screens.

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