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Type of Gas Stoves Caravans That You Can Buy

Caravan camping usually requires a series of things that can be used while you go camping. The main accessory that you should have is the gas stove. There are many extensive ranges of gas cookers like gas ovens, electric hobs as well as outdoor cooking equipment. You can also find the different types of the gas stoves caravans of different sizes.

When you are going to buy the gas stoves, you can have two kinds of stoves. You need to cook inside the caravan and you can use different types of gas stones in your caravans such as 12v portable stove oven food warmer, SMEV 2 burner gas stove or LPG gas hob caravan, SMEV 8000 2 burner RV gas stove caravan or domestic CU04 oven and grill 3plus 1 caravan stove.  Two most popular gas stove caravan are:

1. Propane Or Red Cylinder –

It is the by-product that is created during the processing of the natural gas which is used in the refining of the petroleum.

2. Butane Or Blue Cylinder –

It is said to be the highly inflammable hydrocarbon gas which is the constituent of petroleum.

Difference Between the Propane And Butane

When you are going for the propane, then you must know the details as given below.

  • It has got a high calorific value which means that it will be burning high.
  • It is lighter than the butane, so if you buy a 6Kg propane cylinder, then it will be equivalent to the 7Kg butane cylinder.
  • It is cheaper than butane.
  • It can be operated in all temperatures even in the ones that are as low as -46 degrees Celsius.

When you are going for the Butane gas stoves caravans, you must know the details as given below.

  • Butane gas usually doesn’t operate at the temperatures which are less than 2 degrees Celcius.
  • It is said to be less toxic than propane.
  • It is heavier than propane.
  • It is said to be more expensive than propane.

When you are going for the caravan, you can have a variety of energy sources which can be used in gas stoves caravans. You can use it from electricity to liquid propane gas or diesel or even the methylated spirits.

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Benefits of Using It

  • When you use the gas stoves caravans, it is said that it has got the most of the calorific value. It is said to be the time-honoured energy supply that can be used for the griller, oven, cooktop, water heater, air heater as well as a three-way fridge.
  • But when you are going for the gas stoves, they must be installed correctly. Gases are usually dangerous if they are treated carelessly. So, when you are using the gas stove caravans, you must watch to install it safely and also in a perfect way.
  • When you are going for the cylinders, you must first see that there must be a separate compartment for the gas cylinders. The gas stoves must be turned off when you are not using it for cooking. If you are installing the stove inside the caravan, then inside the caravan where you are the place where you are keeping the stove must be nicely ventilated.
  • If you experience some leaks then firstly close the main valve as well as appliance valves, then open all the windows and doors so that the leaking gas goes out.

These are some of the important things which may help you when you are going for the gas stoves caravans. These stoves will give you the best experience when you are going to cook food while caravanning.

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