3 Smart Ways to Care of Exotic or Tropical Flowers

3 Smart Ways to Care of Exotic or Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers look good in style. IF it is gifted or you have bought from the florist, we can help you how to care tropical flowers. Though it is a plant or fresh cut flowers, tropical flowers can be easily survived for a longer time with our helpful tips. Check out the tips here.

How to Care Cut Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers can belonged for many days with our simple and useful surveillance tips. If you have bought it from the market, take the flower out of the bag or bouquet. Now cut the stems and immediately remove the foliage. Now use a sharp and hygienic knife to cut the stems in half inch.. Fresh cut stems into 45 degree angle. Fresh cut stems consumes water fast. Now take a vase and fill the two-third of cold water in it. It doesn’t require more sunlight; it can be survived with a cool temperature. Place it on the window side so that it can consume fresh air and oxygen. You can also get online flower bouquet delivery in Romania with us.


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Care Tips of Tropical Flowers as A house plant

House plant requires a lot more attention and care. But when you want precious plant in the house you need to take some time for it. House plant requires bright environment, but not a direct sunlight. You can take it in the cooler temperature in the night and place it on the window side. Water it for every two to three days from the top to bottom. Usually it needs moisture of humidity environment. You cannot receive it every time. For this you need to take on big trays with full of pebbles. Now enter half of the water in that tray until pebbles don’t come halfway up. Now put the potted plant on it. It will create humidity and will provide the moisture to the plant.

Care Tips about Tropical Flowers in Garden

Tropical plants can be saved to replant again with our useful tips. Some tropical flowers can be lifted and overwintered for planting it again in the spring. You can save the plant and re-pot in a compost fill container in warm water. Clean the tubers off and store in a dry and dark place in a paper bag full of peat moss. The bulbs need moisturizer and shriveled so that it cannot mold and rot.

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Here are the beautiful tips how to get fresh cut flowers long time. Here is the tip for how to care tropical flowers as a house plant and how to care tropical flowers in the garden. You can buy orchid plant, hibiscus plant and many others from the online floral shop. Hope you like it and follow it one by one guide. If you wish, you can also send exotic flowers online with us. You can easily get tropical flowers in your home with using our online florist shop.

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