Collective List of What People Expect To See in a Dating App

Collective List of What People Expect To See in a Dating App

Dating apps are meant to make the entire process of finding your love easy. They ought to be our digital cupid and strike an arrow of love. Love should blossom through the 1s and 0s instantly; well that’s not the case. They still are not to our expectations. We do face troubles using them.

So what do we expect from these modern love finders, here are some of the basic yet completely necessary feature.


Consider Censoring On Your Dating App

Well nobody is interested in seeing awkward (read dick pictures) pictures of others in a dating app. We wish there is some sort of censoring introduced by apps to filter them out.


Zoom out

The app should have the option to zoom away from the physical features which are blow out of proportion in pictures by excessive close up close up shots. Come on we need to see their face.



Random messages of encouragements after a lot of mindless surfing of profiles. Just to keep the spirits high. Well everyone needs a little bit of encouragement. And this benefits the app owners, it keeps your users hooked to even after lot hours wasted


The option to un-swipe

We make mistakes and everyone wants a chance to rectify it. There should be no limits to how many times a person gets to un-swipe.



A filter to filter out the entire filters used and view the real picture of the person posted. And also filter out the make-ups and sun glasses, what is behind all those oceans apart from what is in reality.



Not just the beautiful angle but all the angles I mean 360 degree. Everyone posts pictures in which they look beautiful but we to see those angles which they are not so beautiful. We don’t want to get hurt after knowing the reality.


Picture disguise

A feature that lets everyone find out the real person behind the inanimate objects that appears on people’s profiles, the real face behind the beautiful rose flower. There are way too many profiles which are total hoax and piss the hell out of people. Recently had a chat with pizza and wish the conversation was as delicious as a pizza.



Why the person you texted did not reply. Are they driving? Is the phone dead? Was their continent hit by a meteor? Or the least probable one, that they are not interested?



The count on how many people your match is currently chatting with after you got a response from. You need to know what you’re competing against.



One needs Emoji translators along with the chatting feature, the endless trains of emojis which make completely no sense.


Alert to calm down

After too much of time spent in worthless matching you need a remainder that says you to just calm down. Go watch cat videos on YouTube. This will really help people to not get frustrated and uninstall the application



You need background tunes to play automatically when you are stressed out and waiting for a reply. Music heals.


Date suggestion

When you are already busy in writing cheesy pick up lines, who will have the time to plan for a proper date. Instead notifications should pop-up on ideas for nice plates to go on a date.



To reduce that abusive language just a buzzer will serve the purpose. Are you irritated just “buzzzz”




The option to edit the messages you have sent before they read them. Maybe a wrong pickup line or spelling mistakes, poor grammar (grammar Nazis live in disguise).


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A section to add favorite couples

Any couples celebrity or non celebrity with a small phrase on why they are your favorite. This lets to know their relationship goals. If kim kardashian and Kris Humphries is their favorites you know what you are dealing with.



The preference feature to let you see their food, literature or movie preferences along with their bio, this will get you more insights into their life.


Automated messages

An automated message to reply completely irrelevant messages to those creeps out there sending DTFs in every single text, what a relief it would be.


Intentions detector

Are you in for serious date or friendship or while away time. Nobody needs to hear “I have a boyfriend, I’m just your friend” or I love you as my friend” on a dating app. enough with friend-zone, nobody wants to chat with those people who are looking for friendship in a dating app.


Options to if people are blocked

There is a reason why a person gets blocked by multiple people they are creeps, so it should be put in an indirect manner on their profile. Hey but people out there don’t get carried away with 1 or 2 unblocks it may be done by their jealous ex too.


Font styles

Comic styles or times new roman, font styles tell a lot about a person’s maturity level. They high school level kid or a grown-up kid.



Friends and their opinions

Well nobody is getting driven by others opinion but it’s nice to read testimonies from friends.


Lie detectors

A lie detector which will say whether the person is featured in their profile picture is the same one chatting or the puppy their holding is their own.


Group picture identifier

In the group picture you need to know who is the one your match or its the one who took the photo.


An error message

Well they swiped but they are not a match. No you are not you fool message will be subtle.


First me or my match

Who should text first me or my match? Am I being desperate or lacking the social skills to strike a conversation. Oh enough with the confusions just say me what am I supposed to do.


Filter out nude pictures on your dating app

Features that will let keep away the nude pictures and make it look less obscene.

Some of these features might be possible some may not its crazy feeling that most of us would have felt while using dating applications that we have them Let’s see if tech and application developers grow up to our expectations.


What do you think?

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