7 Must-know Tips for Online Hookup

You may be desperate to get you first random date from free hookup apps, you just have to be careful with it, if you want to avoid a catastrophic backlash. Here are some of the tips and ideas that can help you to stay out of trouble;


#1: always guard your personal information

The first thing you should have in mind when looking for casual or long term dates on local hookup apps is that you need to be careful of the information you reveal to anyone. These information should include home address, place of work and financial information. You may give out your private phone number but not your home number.


#2: Choose a public meeting place 

After getting to know the person you are dealing with, it is important that you choose a lightly populated meeting place, public places such as parks, and gardens or eateries are mostly recommended. You need to get to know the person especially when you haven’t spent much time chatting from the free app, hence you don’t have to rush it, as a matter of fact, getting to meet in a public place will provide better avenue to divulge more information about you are learn more about the other person.


#3: Let someone know of your whereabouts 

If you are planning on dating people you meet on hookup apps, make sure you inform someone close to you about your meeting but you don’t have to tell them that you are hooking up. Make sure you tell the person the time and the venue of the meeting and if there should be a change in the venue of the meetup make sure you inform the person, for security reasons. If you are not returning home at the time promised, call them and let them know.


#4: Always have a backup plan

Make sure you have a backup plan while on a hookup date. For instance, have a friend call you at any time during the hookup, especially when they have not heard from you for few hours from the time you hookup with the person.


#5: Bring your own car if possible

You don’t want to depend on someone you meet for the first time for a ride back home, hence you may want to bring your own car. If you are a woman and you lived in a dangerous city, you can avoid a date driving you home by insisting on bringing your own car to the venue of the meeting.

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#6: Limit your alcohol consumption 

Meeting a potential sexual partner for the first time does not mean you should drink too much alcohol-excessive alcohol consumption may ruin your entire date. Excessive alcohol consumption with someone you hookup with can make you regret doing nasty things, in the morning.


#7: Always rely on your instincts for an online hookup

Nothing works better than relying on your instincts. Getting a short or long term date from the best adult hookup apps does not guaranty that you will avoid trouble on your first date. If you notice something strange or have a bad feeling about your date, don’t just hide the feeling, make sure you ask questions about it and if they don’t come out straight or clean, then simply cull of the date immediately before it degenerates into something more serious.

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