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Being in a relationship is a great and fun thing! But sometimes you run out of inspiration and ways to express your love for your partner. Whether you’re married or just have been dating for a couple of weeks or months, these relationship tips can be very useful to anyone who’s looking for new ways to love.

Here are 3 quite easy, but also quite challenging relationship tips to spice things up!

1. Make it all about her/him

Pick a day. Any day of the week were both of you are totally available all day or all evening. Choosing between all day and evening depends on exactly what you’ll do. Once you both have agreed to keep that day free for yourselves, you now have to choose 3 activities you’ll be doing that given day. Don’t just pick any activity. Here’s what you should do;

Don’t Make It All About you
Your first activity should be something you know she/he is crazy about. It’s even better if it’s something you totally hate or aren’t interested in. For instance, if you know she/he loves (watching) basketball, order tickets and take her/him to a basketball game. The point is that you do what your partner likes without complaining. I know, this can be very hard sometimes… but that’s the point, make it all about her/him. This is about giving your partner a genuine feeling of love and appreciation. You won’t regret this, trust me.

Do Something You’ll Both Enjoy
If you’re in a relationship, then there’s got to be something you both like, right? Then the second activity should be exactly that particular thing, something you both like. It doesn’t matter what. If you like it and your partner does as well, plan it, do it.

Try Something New
You’re looking for new ways to express your love, so this is why the last activity is really important. Make sure you find an activity you both would love to try. Pick something that’ll leave you with a positive memory. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be fun for the both of you. For example; if you never went skiing but you both would love to try it one day? Do it together.

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It’s important that all 3 activities happen on the same day for full effect! We always remember what we experience for the first time. So, you nor your partner will ever forget that day.

2. Picknick or eat somewhere new

We’re not just going to picknick. First of all, choose a place you actually never took the time to sit down and look around. Go somewhere you’ll both have things to talk about when looking around. If you go to the same park you’ve been going for years, you’ll most likely have nothing to say about the place to begin with. She/he knows the place and you know the place. Boooooring!

Actually, you don’t have to leave your house. Take a look around. Try eating in bed for instance. Think about how you’ll do it to make it special. What about the garden if you have one? Candlelight dinner by dark? There you go.

 3. Write her/him a letter

Yes, I said write a letter. Not an e-mail, not a text message or whatsoever. No. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and start writing. Tell her/him how she/he makes you feel. Start from the beginning of your relationship up until now. How have you been experiencing things and how have you being seeing things. Talk about your point of view. Let her/him know what’s been going through your mind. It’s not awkward, it’s actually really deep.

The fact that it’s handwritten proves that you had to take the time to think about what you feel for your partner. Also, what you write looks real because you can’t erase and start over a sentence.

You’ll be surprised what kind of positive effect these relationship tips could bring in your relationship.

Have fun!

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