Your Past Should Not Dictate Your Future

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Stop looking at your past, you’re not going that way. And your past experiences should not dictate your future.

Your Past Should Not Dictate Your Future


What you did in the past matters only to a certain extent, in forming who you are today. That is something you cannot change and will never be able to change. It’s best if you just accept it and let it go. But who you are and where you stand today with your mind is crucial because that’s what is going to shape your tomorrow.

If you want to be something or someone else tomorrow then it’s only right to let go of the past and aim for the future.

Things of the past cannot be changed anyway. You won’t benefit from looking back at it in a negative way. What matters is this moment. Today, now, right now. This moment.

What are you going to do with it? Are you using your time to constantly reflect and regret or are you moving forward with your life? Regardless of what you did or what has happened to you. Regardless of your friends’, family’s and society’s judgement on your past. You have to move on. You have to move forward.

Your past, your mistakes and your experience is actually valuable. It’s never too late to change, it’s never too late for a new turn.

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