The more you know more, you know you don’t know

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Even if you know a lot, you can get to know more. I can admit it, I know that I know nothing. An old saying by Socrates, sometimes called the Socratic paradox. It’s a well-known quote that is derived from Plato‘s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. Because: the more you know, the more you will realise there’s plenty of stuff out there that you still don’t know. Your life and this universe is full of mysteries you still have to discover.

Get to know more

As crazy as it sounds, actually, we are used to learning. You’ve started learning since you were a baby. Then you went to kindergarten, high school, maybe college or university. Does life just stop right there? Well, no. Whatever job you do or whatever path you take, it will always lead you to something new and you will learn. You will know more each and every day.

Even when you have to do the same thing, all day, over and over again, you will tend to look for new ways to do it. Let’s take for example that you need to go to work every day and you take the same road you’ve always been taking for several years. After all those years, don’t you think there could be a shortcut to cut off the traffic? Or maybe you’ve been using the shortcut from the beginning, but how do you know?

Every word, element, or just anything that you don’t know, should be considered an enemy. Go out there and learn, get to know more!

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