Suits-Dress Shirt-Tie Combination For Beginners

LXP - Lifexpe - Suits-Dress Shirt-Tie Combination For Beginners

It’s often hard to figure out the perfect combo of suit, dress shirt and tie when wearing a suit for the first couple of times. However, the matching of the three main components of this attire is very important for a fresh, crisp and neat look. There are some traditional shirt-tie combination sets that work well on every complexion and build and give you that air of a professional.

Here’s a guide as to what to choose when buying your first suit, dress shirt and tie combo.

Some Forget Me Not’s

For your first suit, go for simpler, solid colors than going for patterned, fancy suits that may seem a little overbearing on an amateur. Keeping that in mind buy your suits according to their colors. A navy blue suit is the universal buy when it comes to occasions like work and even more casual events. Also, this is one suit you can never go wrong with. Charcoal grays are a more formal affair, like weddings, church, and funerals, even work. While Cambridge/medium grey are more informal.


Always remember to match your tie to your dress shirt, definitely not to your suit, considering that the dress shirt is more permanent of the two and will stay on much longer than the suit jacket. For ties, when in formal settings, opt for darker colors and smaller, neater patterns rather than flamboyant colors and bigger patterns on dress shirts.


Solid colored dress shirts work for every occasion ranging from formal to semi formal to casual. Especially when looking for your first couple of dress shirts, go for Design custom dress shirts that not only fit you well, but are completely to your liking. You can never go wrong with blues and white dress shirts, so choose an ample number of those.


When buying ties, remember to be careful about the patterns. Try not to buy ties that have patterns the same size as the pattern on your dress shirt. They do not go together, and seem like a mismatched duo. Make sure that the pattern on one is always bigger than the other, most commonly the pattern on the dress shirt.

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Coordinate the proportions in every component of your suit, your collar with your tie, and your tie with the lapels of your suit. The width of these must be similar in size.


Examples Of Suit-Dress Shirt-Tie Combination That You Need

The top choice for a good shirt-tie combination would be the typical and often used navy suit with a crisp white dress shirt and a square knit/small patterned tie. This is the ultimate combination that would work well with any setting or environment, and one that is a must have for everyone. Try replacing the white dress shirt with softer shades of blue. It is a very attractive combination and equally good-looking as the navy and white combo.

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