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Men’s Style Trends In 2017 – Hair, Skin and Clothing

2016 swept by and landed us in 2017 in the blink of an eye. With the start of a new year comes the “New me” agendas! Now that we’ve accepted the start of the year, let’s settle in and welcome reality with a dose of new do’s for 2017.

This year marks a more relaxed feel than the last decade has seen… at least in the fashion department. Looser clothes, lighter colours and the revival’s of a few classic’s seem to be the highlight’s of this years fashion scene.


Textured Top

Forget the super slick, neat hairstyles of 2016! New looks call for shorter sides and longer textured styles on top. Have your barber cut the sides and back of your hair short fading into longer hair for an easy to style tousled look. Forget over styling your locks this year calls for accepting your hair’s natural flow.

Shaved Head

What better way to relax than a one grade all over? It might seem like a bold move but you’ll definitely feel more confident once you don’t have to worry about styling or a bad hair day. Truly a hairstyle that goes with everything! Plus it gives off an air of bad boy that will draw the attention of ladies…

Men’s style is now longer Hair

Heading to the other extreme, longer hair is set to make a comeback again! Maintaining  long locks could be difficult for some but if you’re looking for more of an untamed look this could be the style for you. Having a bad hair day? Just twist those locks into the world famous Man bun.

Coloured Tresses

The end of 2016 marked a beginning in colouring hair in men’s style. From time to time you’d see a guy with bleached hair or highlights walking around but things have changed. Ever since Adam Levine stepped out with pink hued tips, pastel shades are becoming a “thing” for guys and this is just a sign of how accepting we’re becoming to men trying unconventional looks! Be warned, as cool as this style looks it his very high maintenance.


Facial Hair Expression

The Balbo

Popularized by actor Robert Downey Jr. This look goes well with men who have a narrow chin. Start off by growing a full beard and mustache, this will give you plenty of hair to sculpt. Good razors are recommended in order to style appropriately.

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The Bandholz


Popularized by the founder of Bearbrand, Eric Bandholz, the entrepreneur that turned his beard into a business. We recommend this style for men with Oval faces. Bandholz is similar to the Garibaldi except it’s grown freely past the 20 cm mark. Get ready to use up your patience with this one, you need to let it grow to it’s maximum length before you can start shaping and cutting it!

The Friendly Mutton chops

Looking for a bolder look? Mutton chops became popular in 19th century Europe and have returned for a comeback! Recommended for circular or square shaped faces. All you have to do is let your sideburns and moustache grow until they become one then shave your chin until the lower lip! If you need help in some areas then you can opt to purchase a few beard care products such as beard oils or even vitamins that promote beard growth. Great thing is that there are so many different varieties of the chops you can play around until you find something you can somehow call your own!

The Imperial

A favourite amongst hipsters the imperial moustache came to rise during the Second Empire. Though it isn’t a beard style you can mix and match with sideburns or chin hairs. This style usually goes well on a rectangular or oblong face and requires not shaving for weeks, possibly months until you have whiskers. Once long enough use oil or wax to curl the ends! Voila!


Men’s Style: What To Wear

90s streetwear

The 90s are officially back whether you like it or not! High fashion designer’s are collaborating with brands long forgotten such as Fila, Champion and Reebok! Track suits, sweaters, faded long sleeved tee’s, we’re talking the whole deal! So if you have some long forgotten Nautica sweaters in the back of your closet, now might be the time to dig them out and revive them!


One of my favourites for a classic clean look! Neutral colours, such as stone, have been seen quite frequently in the runways recently. Going for earthy tones that give off warmth and richness, it’s important to add new style tricks to make this look fresh instead of bland! Learn some new layering tricks or wear some wide-leg trousers… Don’t forget to try suits in these colours, they give versatility to a classic style! Giving you the opportunity to dress a suit up or dress it down for casual weekend outings.

Wide Leg Trousers

Say bye-bye to those skinny/fitted slacks! It’s time for a more relaxed look. Though fashion houses have slowly tried to implement wider pants for the past few seasons, 2017 will officially mark their accession! It might take a few tries to get the look right but with the right supporting items you’ll manage a chill out look that will have you feeling oh so comfortable!

V-Neck Sweaters

A classic menswear item, it’s obvious that the last couple of years these have been put on the back burner. Opting for a scoop neck or crew have been the norm lately but a new more angular V will be taking over this year, giving a fresher look to a somewhat outdated classic.

Fashion is ever changing and allows you to constantly be innovative with your style.


There is no escaping the latest trends but who minds? It’s obvious that men’s style is becoming more relaxed with each season that passes. Men are no longer subject to the same boring articles of clothing only seeing a slight change in the patterns or colours palette. Go out and be adventurous, try something new and see what works for you.

What styles will you be incorporating into your wardrobe? Are you looking forward to any other men’s style trends in 2017?


About The Author

Hello! My name is Jordan and I’m the creator and owner of Beardicure.com. I was never able to fully grow a beard so I turned to the internet and began searching for tips, tricks, or anything else that could help me out. However, there were no solid “one stop” sites that taught me what I needed to know. I had to piece things together myself and that left room for many mistakes.


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