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Your outfit is on point, but you’d like to appear a little more confident? I get that! All men like the stuff that gets the ladies’ attention, right? A double windsor or full windsor tie is just one way to look more confident.

Benefits of a double windsor tie

  • Large knot (displays the fabric)
  • It’s symmetrical
  • Knot is tight (when tied correctly)
  • Knot is balanced and self-releasing


Look more confident James Bond Daniel Craig Black Suit and tie

Make A Bold Statement With Your Style

When dressing up, it’s important to look sharp of course. Dressing up is about telling people who look at you how you feel. You basically send out a message or signal saying who you or what you’re about.  Clothes are actually more functional than people think. No wonder most of business people, look like… business people!

But a lot of people tend to overdress themselves by trying to show too many different elements and fabrics at a time. It’s not really necessary. Don’t feel like you need to make yourself look overly complicated. Focus mostly on the fit of your clothing. Look around you and on the Internet. Look at celebrities. Well, not all of them. Ultimately, if you need help, find a style mentor. In the meantime, here’s one tip you should keep for life: [tweet]Always dress well, but keep it simple.[/tweet]

If you want to look generally good or look more confident, your tie only can express that! Everything is in the small details.


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