A Never-Ending Hype and Safe Shoes You Should Have

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One of the most famous pair of sneakers and shoes you should have; the Converse! Despite the fact that other brands such as Nike or Adidas have made multiple sneakers, the Converse never goes out of fashion and will always remain hip throughout the years. “The old never dies”.

Notwithstanding that Nike or Adidas create new shoe models very often, Converse always kept its simple and comfortable classic since it was founded in 1908 in the United States by Marquis Mills Converse.

Before being a fashion image, they were first used as basketball shoes owing to Chuck Taylor, that led his name to the trainers, In 1921.

A pair of converse can bright up an outfit very easily with their multiple colors, patterns, materials and embroideries choices. That’s why Converse are really shoes you should have. Nowadays, Converse has grown in design, and are very cool and trendy to wear. You can find them embroided with glitters, made with different patterns such as the new 2016 Converse collaborated with Missoni, or Comme des Garçons in 2015. They exist in Jeans, leather, cloth etc. They also recently started to create new designs such as high-heeled Converse, high or low rise model, with or without laces, Converse boots, with fringes and so on… You can also customize your own pair on the official site, which is a great idea for a present, or to show your originality.

They exist for women, men, and kids. Very easy to pull on with an outfit and are every day shoes.


Shoes You Should Have, Even Celebrities Have Them

They are daily worn by various celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Willow Smith and on and on…

So when you are struggling throughout your pile of shoes, and don’t know which one to pick for the day, always make sure to put your hand on your pair of Converse. Whenever you can not deal with the pain of wearing heels or shoes that you know you will not make you feel comfortable wearing, remember about them. They work with almost everything in your closet, dresses, jeans, shorts, trousers…and with every outfit style. They are very easy to combine and by everyone. From babies, to teens, to polished adults! They are unique.

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You can have any type of shoes, but Converse are really shoes you should have, at all times.

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