How To Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster (Infographic)

Laptops are an expensive long-term investment, and they are also quite brittle, so they should feature highly on your list of items to treat with special care – but time and again, we hear of disaster stories about how they fell down the stairs or inadvertently soaked up a cup of coffee. It’s important to protect your laptop.

These are the two most frequent tales of woe when it comes to laptops kicking the bucket, but they’re certainly not the only means through which that particular piece of hardware can be greatly damaged. There have been tales of the monitor suffering permanent damage after being slammed shut straight down on top of earphones that had casually been left lying beside the keyboard. Environmental factors such as dust entering the circuitry and prolonged exposure to sunlight or extreme heat can also render your computer obsolete.

If you feel particularly negligent or cautious, you should strongly consider getting your laptop insured. All of the main manufacturers have their own insurance terms, with some offering greater support than others. If paying for laptop insurance isn’t your thing, then it’s simply a matter of needing to be very, very careful when using it.

This infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators ( points out the ways in which laptops can be damaged, outlines what to do in the event of dropping it or spilling liquid on it, compares insurance policies and offers tips on how to properly care for your computer. Check out this useful guide below.


How to protect your laptop


How To Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster – Infographic

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