Tips to Choose Cold Storage Room Manufacturers

The hotel industry and kitchens that cater to supplying food often need cold storage. These cold storages are mostly the rooms which can store enough food and related supplies which are required to feed the staff or the guests. For a small-scale manufacturer with 300 people each time at a meal, a large cold storage unit will not suffice. A cold storage room is specially designed to store a large amount of food supply. They are equipped with temperature control measures which are required to meet the needs of fresh food standards. The room if planned well will not only help in keeping food fresh but will also help in reducing any wastage due to storage.

Cold storage rooms can have various utilities. They are not limited to be used only for food and dairy-based products for kitchens and restaurants. They can also be used in other industries like by medical professionals and florist. While there are many manufacturers that may be equipped to produce unique and different designs in the market, there is a need to ensure your manufacturer is able to have the following variations of cold storage rooms.


Modular Cold Room

Cold storage room manufactures often are in this space, these are big scaled commercial rooms that are modular in fashion. These rooms provide you a choice of flat packed modular pieces which are fitted in a custom design as per your requirements. They generally have standard sized panels, with floors, ceilings and walls. These can be easily locked together with the help of an expert and be designed as per need. They do not cost much and at the same time are flexible in their use of food or flowers.


Combi Cold Room

Cold storage room manufactures often create and design these types of storage rooms to suit the needs of especially the catering industry. These industries generally need to store things like meat and milk. Both these products cannot be stored at same temperatures and hence there is a need to have a separate area to store them and at different temperatures too. These combi rooms are also fantastic for cold storage when space is a restriction. Instead of having two separate rooms, you can use these combi rooms.

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Industrial Cold Rooms

Then there is another Cold storage room manufactures that construct Industrial Cold rooms. These are very large cold storage rooms that need larger doors to be operated. Often these rooms are designed to meet custom standards, an industry may require a forklift that needs to be operated to ensure products are racked and placed inside a room. Hence the need for larger area and bigger doors are essential. Personnel access is also to be paid attention to by cold storage room manufacturers.

It is mandatory to choose a cold storage room manufacturer who is certified in creating cold storage. An ISO certified organization will ensure that certain standards are always met as required in the manufacturing process. It is also recommended to check for the kind of workmanship the manufacturer possess and look for his previously completed work. Most of all, you need to have your requirements clearly listed and charted along with a reasonable budget you are wailing to spend over this project.

To cater to this need, Cold storage room manufactures simply create two rooms. The first door of the cold storage room leads you to a chiller that is mostly used to store milk, eggs, and other liquids. While the inner room inside of the chiller has a door that leads to a slightly smaller room which is a freezer, this is much lower in temperature and is used to store meat, certain vegetables and milk products that need to be frozen.

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