Biometric Clocks- A Must Have for Your Business

Years back, managers or supervisors of a company used to keep a track of the time and attendance of the employees manually, using pen and paper. The entire scenario changed with the advent of time clocks. Biometric Time Clocks are more updated and are the modern version of conventional time clocks that came into existence by mending the loophole of the same. Thus, this system cuts down the occurrence of ‘buddy clocking’.  Biometric clocks help in the prevention of fraudulent occurrences like ‘buddy locking’ and ‘ghost employee’.

Advantages of Biometric Clocks

Biometric Clocks are very useful to the employers and are much more updated. They are enabled with the most innovative technology to offer maximum benefits. To be precise, these clocks act as scanners which read the employee’s fingerprint, whenever it is time to clock in or clock out. The benefits of these clocks are mentioned below in brief –

  1. Correct Identification: This kind of clocks capture the unique biological traits and thus help in the exact identification of the person since the psychological attributes of a person cannot be forged.
  2. Clock in and out timings: Provide genuine details of the coming in and going out timings of the employees
  3. Bars buddy clocking: this can be restricted through the usage of biometric clocks because these clocks capture the employee’s unique trait.  Thus, the co-workers become unable to punch in the clock in or out in the absence of that employee
  4. Restricts false attendance: Sometimes few employees who don’t exist, become a part of the payroll so in that case, the use of biometric clocks helps in eradication of the issue of ‘ghost employee’ and thus the cases of overpayment deceases
  5. Safety from Hackers: Information can be kept safe from the hackers as fingerprints are not retrievable
  6. Information download: The information can be downloaded or printed periodically from the clock to the system easily
  7. Better Time Management: Time management improves among the employees
  8. Monitoring in remote areas: This technology can be used to monitor the employees working in remote areas as it can be integrated with mobile phones or tablets or PCs
  9. Increase in productivity: The use of Biometric Clocks helps in increasing the productivity of the company thereby increasing profits of the company.
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Diverse features of Biometric Clocks

Given below are the cutting-edge technological features of a Biometric Clock that makes it desirable to the business owners, in the present times the presence of multispectral sensor

  • Capacity to cut through grease, dirt, moisture and sweat
  • Recognize people’s unique biological trait
  • The feature of Algorithm that stores fingerprints
  • Apart from fingerprints, few clocks also bear the capacity to recognize hand shape and size by capturing the ‘minutia point’ on the hand of an employee and then hashes out a single value after measuring the space between the points
  • One of the newest and most complex biometrical technology introduced in these kinds of clocks are recognizing the unique patterns that veins make in a person’s hand which results in almost zero false acceptance. This feature is used in high security areas.

Biometric Clocks can be regarded as the gateway to the future as these bear unique features and perform multi-functions like managing access, controls theft, provide biometric time and attendance. These clocks keep our business secure and increase productivity since the employees can’t indulge in time theft being under constant monitoring. Considering the above aspects and many more such benefits it is advisable to incorporate these clocks in organizations.

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