How Putting Pain In Perspective Can Help You Grow

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Pain isn’t always a negative thing although it is generally associated with dark and negative experiences. The truth is that there’s two kinds of pain: a good and a bad kind of pain. This means that in fact pain can actually be a gift. If you’re currently questioning why you’re suffering, here’s a starting point to get to the bottom of your sorrow. Ask yourself the following question: am I going through this painful experience now to benefit and grow from it later or am I hurting now because I made a wrong decision?

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Have you ever tried doing exercise like a gym workout or jogging and have then realized that the physical activity is actually painful? Have you as school or college student worked hard to get good grade and have realized that studying hard is painful? Have you ever wanted a promotion at work, put in a lot of energy and realize that the laborious effort is painful? Have you ever wanted to save a relationship right to keep your ego aside to adjust and realize that bending down is in fact extremely painful?

Pain is such an integral part of life but we try as hard as we can to evade from pain but we just cannot escape pain within the process of change and growth. We have the choice to accept the right kind of agony or path that initially hurts but eventually means that it is certainly uncomfortable but that same path you’re taking will eventually unleash your true potential. In itself, the pain and effort that comes along initially we want to avoid it, but eventually we end up very happy to accept it when we start seeing results.

The wrong kind of pain is the exact opposite, where the beginning is so much pleasure but at the end your life is just a pity. Be aware that in the beginning you could be so mesmerized and then go experience the opposite end the spectrum and you end up in just a royal mess. So, where in the beginning things are so comfortable but at the end endlessly complex the trouble of exercise or the trouble of disease which one will you choose? The hurt of studying hard or the sore of being unworthy? Which one will you choose? That’s the ultimate question.

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The struggle putting in of effort at work or the struggle of stagnation which one will you choose? The painful effort of adjusting with a loved one or the regret of a broken heart? Again, which one will you choose?

The right kind of pain or the wrong kind of pain you will have to choose. Make sure you choose the right one to live your life.

If you can truly relate to this with your life and you feel like right now you’re going through the wrong kind of hurting… this is your chance to reconsider some decisions you’ve made and choose the right kind of pain to get over the wrong and unnecessary kind of discomfort.

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