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3 tips from RnB Music for your content marketing strategy

LXP - Lifexpe - Pharrell Williams Live performance mtv Digital Content marketing strategy

Can you name 5 people who don’t love music? I bet you can’t. The music industry’s got nowadays an even closer and personal method to reach their broad audience; people’s connected digital devices. One can just not live without music. At least I know I can’t live without music. So here’s some insights on how to mix RnB music’s day-to-day handling with your Content Marketing Strategy approach.

Focus on your beats, your core activity

[tweet]No matter what you do, you should focus on what you do best.[/tweet] Handle your business and let other parties or people do the other stuff. Let’s be honest, chances are that they’d tackle these other things way better than you. Probably faster as well. Because they’re supposed to. That’s their core business or specialisation, not yours, right? Just do you!

Learn from top producer Pharrell Williams, an African American R&B singer, rapper and mostly known as a music producer. Pharrell produces music. He doesn’t bring the actual music to the people. See the music as your ‘content’ in your content marketing strategy. Ok? Other people will publish and market the music to the audience. In the music industry’s case, that would be the publishers. In your case, if you do have or work in a marketing department, with storytellers, designers, developers, strategists etc. then you’re good. Get them to write and sell your story. If you don’t have the people to do it? Please don’t start hiring anybody, just outsource. Yes, outsource as much as you can. Like Pharrell, he doesn’t have to do any of the marketing work, he has publishers, and they’ve got the right teams and tactics to do that.

Do frequent remixes and feature other stars


If Justin Bieber‘s hot today, all you need to do is reach out to Justin’s manager and make an appearance on his music or the other way around. You should also appear on other people’s blogs, websites, social media accounts etc. and make sure those appearances lead to your music. Oops, I mean your content. Also offer other parties an appearance on your piece of content. They will likely mention you on social media anyway if you do so. Refer to 3rd party content that is related to your content and explain their relevance to your audience.

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For search engines, this means that both of your content pieces are related and have more value together. Both of you will gain SERP (search engine result page) ranking points, which again, will lead to more web traffic, more clicks and more listeners or viewers. So, who’s hot right now?

Show your best work in your Content Marketing Strategy

What happens in R&B music is that artists release several singles before the songs end up appearing on their next album. The great thing about this approach is that listeners recognise their favourite songs and assume or hope that the other songs will be equally good or even better. When you know you’ve got hot content, I mean content that’s really on fire, release a blog post about it before you feature it on your landing page. This tactic will allow you to measure that single blog post and use what you learned with its metrics to fine-tune your album. Oh, I mean your landing page. Sorry, got carried away, again. If your audience recognises stuff they like in your piece of content, they will read on. Maybe multiple times and ultimately share it with their friends, talk about it and sing it if it’s really catchy!

So when you’re brainstorming about your first or next Content Marketing Strategy, keep the following things in mind:

  • Tell your product’s benefits to real storywriters (outsource) and they will sell your story
  • Feature on other people’s content – this will generate more visibility for your business and your content
  • Market your best work to your audience, then build links to let them discover your other products

What do you think?


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