10 Superb Strategies That Can Get You Instant Instagram Likes

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One thing about social media platform that brings happiness to individuals is getting more followers and likes.

As soon as you have created your Instagram account, you are raring to share your awesome videos and photos of your brand. Whether it is your personal Instagram account or your firm’s, you are enthusiastic about getting the love of your fellow Instagram users. Once you have connected your Facebook and Instagram account, you can see a gradual increase in the number of followers, maybe around hundred and then it becomes a plateau.


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So, right now at this Instagram game, you might feel that it is impossible to maintain and gain more followers on Instagram. But it’s not.


What Kind Of Instagram Strategies You Need?


1) Presence Of More Filters

You might feel that Valencia filter is perfect for you, but now is the best time to branch out and check out the other filters available on Instagram. According to a spokesperson of Instagram, there are 40 different kinds of filters you can use to enhance the feel of your videos and photos.


Over the years, various extra editing features have been added to the Instagram platform, and this includes the adjustment in terms of contrast, brightness, and the color overlays that never gets underutilized.


LXP - Lifexpe - Social Media Instagram Filter


2) Narrate A Story With Your Caption

Once you have taken a killer photo, edited it and geared up to post it on your Instagram profile, you forget about adding the caption. Of course, you might feel that it is not necessary unless you really want to fall into the trap.



Captions are one of the most critical elements of your snaps. Narrating a story with your caption provides followers the necessary insight about you as an expert. It even provides minute details of the context of the photo.


Do you know the best combination to increase your likes? It is to have an interesting caption to go along with an amazing photo.


3) Recording Longer Videos

In late April, Instagram made a huge announcement. Over the next few months, users can record videos up to sixty seconds. And a whole lot of extra time is what you need to enhance the brand awareness of your business.


4) Following A Schedule

It is necessary for your followers to know when you are going to post new content or photo. Keep in mind that consistency is the key to Instagram success. And this depends on how much content you are going to post. If you start to post beautiful pictures each day, then you need to continue doing it.

LXP - Lifexpe - Instagram Social Media Content Marketing Posting Content


Keeping a content calendar for your Instagram account will help in getting things organized and can create a huge difference in the number of likes you get.


5) Multi-Video Editing

Among the various features available in Instagram, people never use the built-in video editing tool of Instagram. This tool strings together many interesting clips to create an awesome story.


6) Try Explore Tool

One important aspect of using Explore tab is, it brings exciting and new photos to your feed, and this is something which you wouldn’t find by yourself. So, by engaging with users who are not in your followers’ list (which is possible through comments and likes), you are gaining a whole new level regarding visibility for your Instagram account.



7) Switching Between Accounts

After continuous complaints and frustrated comments regarding the tedious practice of logging on and off of Instagram by individuals having multiple accounts, Instagram has decided to pull up its sleeve. The tool has introduced a new feature where users can switch between two accounts. This has made everyone excited.

LXP - Lifexpe - Social Media Content Marketing Switching Between Instagram Accounts


For accessing this update, you need to go to the settings of your Instagram account and add the required accounts that you use.


8) View The Number Of People Watching Your Videos

No doubt, your videos will have more reach when compared to your pictures. Recently, a new feature was released in the earlier part of 2016 which allows users to see the view count for each video that is posted by you on Instagram.


9) Adding Emojis

Nowadays, words are not the only things that you can add in hashtags. You can use emojis in your hashtag. Also, you can use them to search for hashtags on Instagram.

LXP - Lifexpe - Social Media Instagram Emojis



10) Layout Tools Is Not Just For Photo Collages

Most often you might have seen people using layout. It is used for creating cute and enticing collages with your friends. However, do you know that you can become more creative as well as develop unique and cool images to post on your Instagram feed? Not only that, users can easily rotate and flip their snaps to create unique arrangements and develop mirror effects.


Final Verdict

Getting social media likes is easy and not tedious. All you have to do is be aware of the strategies that can help you and gain success in social media.

What do you think?


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