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Everybody wants web traffic, to their website, blogs or any platform. And everybody wants to know the champion secrets to driving more valuable traffic. Obviously, to get more exposure and most of the time also more sales and revenue. But just how does that work?

Things You Should Know About Web Traffic

People and businesses have been battling for this subject for ever since I can remember. Even before the digital age. Everyone would like to have more visits to their local store than the competition. [tweet]More (web) visits means more chances to convince or sell something to your audience.[/tweet] That’s why everyone is so obsessed with looking for new ways to rank higher in Google (and other search engines) or get more links to their website. We just want more chances!

More Traffic Does Not Equal More Conversions or More Sales

I’m sorry that I have to disappoint you. But this is simply the truth. And it this truth has to be spread and talked about more often.  People coming to your (web) store or business does not necessarily means they’re interested in what you have to offer. If you sell drinks, then thirsty people would be your most valuable visitors, as we speak.

A couple reasons why visitors could land on your website by accident:

  • Wrong keyword usage (don’t know or don’t remember the name of what they’re looking for)
  • Clicked a link/ad by accident (happens more often than you think)
  • Untargeted campaigns (oh yes, I said it!)


Difference Between Paid Traffic VS Organic Traffic

Let’s say, you have a marketing budget and you need to choose where to put your money and get more people to know about your product, service, blog or whatever it is that you’re doing. You’ve got a budget and are ready to spend it. But there’s a catch: which one will have a greater (Marketing) ROI?

Organic Web Traffic


  • More valuable visitors
  • Visitors more likely to convert or engage
  • Visitors will more likely share your content
  • Results in higher ranking in search engines


  • Takes a long time to reach high search engine ranking (months – years)
  • Lots of digital marketing efforts needed to bring your web content to specific audience
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First of all, it’s crucial you understand what you get when you pay for web traffic. Once you got that, then only you can make a good decision on whether or not you should buy web traffic.


  • You can get explosive amounts of traffic in literally no time
  • Spread traffic over different URL’s per campaign


  • Low conversion scores (little to no engagement)
  • Not always real visitors (humans) which will result in high bounce rate scores
  • Could hurt your monetising or affiliate program
  • Untargeted visitors


There’s a way to pay for traffic and get targeted visitors.

Increase Web Traffic To Your Website GrowTrafficA great way to increase brand or product awareness is using sites like GrowTraffic. These sites actually let you target a specific audience and even let you choose countries. Of course you have to pay a little more for the service than most traffic selling sites, because they will send real and more valuable visitors your way.

Will this hurt your Google Adsense or other affiliate program?
I don’t know for other sites, but GrowTraffic states that they’ve never had any complaints about people having their Adsense account banned.




Be wise thought and do it in a strategic way:

  • Start slow and build up gradually (don’t start with 1M visitors per month when your current traffic is under 100 visitors per month)
  • Offer quality content to engage your visitors and make them come back naturally !!


Using services like GrowTraffic is an effective way to help you build a real audience. After all, some (online) businesses never get off the ground, simply because no one knows they exist! Making the audience come back to your site, that’s up to you.


Proven Ways to Drive More Web Traffic To Your Landing Page / Site

This is probably the reason why you came to this page. But I wanted to make sure you get more depth in how this thing actually works. Now that you understand the basics, here are some tips and basic ways to increase web traffic to your site, naturally.

First of all:

Create Great And Valuable Content

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”#SEO” related=”” layout=”card” position=””]If you don’t offer quality content, no matter what you do, visitors won’t come back.[/clickandtweet]

You wouldn’t watch a bad movie 5 times, would you? Great web content is more than just text. I recommend you read these 10 Web Traffic tips by Nick Scheidies. In this article you will learn:

  • How to write a strong title for your article or blog post
  • Turn short-term traffic into long-term traffic momentum
  • How to enrich your content with images
  • How big articles provide more value
  • How to write top caliber content

And many more. I strongly recommend you read the 10 traffic tips!


Then, SumoSize Your Web Traffic

What you will learn: 130 Ways to Get More Website Traffic. It’s so good, that I’d call you stupid for not even checking it out.

Optimise Your Site Fore Search Engines (SEO) and Have a Content Marketing Plan

You want your content to be found online, so it’s only right to optimise your entire site, pages, images, video’s, audio etc. correctly. Need tips? I’ve got a whole list for you. Read the 25 Best Reads List For Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Bottomline: if you have great content, people will come to you sooner or later and will share it like it’s the new gospel. Only if it’s great content, I repeat.

What do you think?

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