9 Simple Lifestyle Switchovers That Will Make You Feel Better

There’s so much advertising all around us that it’s hard not to fall prey to it. We’ve been convinced of some pretty silly stuff in the process, and though there are laws against misinforming advertisements, it is easy to forget that businesses have some pretty smart people designing ads for them. So don’t be surprised if you’re doing something thinking it’s good for you when it’s actually causing you harm.

We decided to list some really interesting lifestyle choice that could do with a switch. Turns out, trying these out for even a little while can make you feel a lot better and you might even find yourself struggling to get back to old routines. Worth a try, isn’t it? Here they are, then!

Cereal to Oats

Popular Cereal often has high glycemic index, which in layman’s language means they give you more energy in a short interval of time. It might sound like a good thing, and indeed, that’s the popular image exploited in a lot of children’s cereal brands. But the thing with these foods is that they contain so much sugar that the body must release a lot of insulin to counter it and prevent your body from going haywire under its influence.

Oats are a better alternative, and they can be just as tasty if you know how to cook them. You can even find flavored packets for both steel-cut and rolled oat varieties. When you switch to oats, you don’t feel all that energised the moment you eat them. But people report they experience more stamina throughout their mornings, and being able to push through the day with more ease. That in my books is a healthier breakfast.

Synthetic To Natural Fabric

There’s so much synthetic fabric all around us that it can be hard to find good quality natural fabric, especially with all the false labeling that one can discover. But once you have made the switch, you’ll find your skin happier than when it was covered with artificial fabric.

Did you know women working in acrylic textile factories were 7 times at risk of breast cancer than everyone else? Given there is lack of research of all the chemicals used in the synthetic fabric industry, it is reasonable to be suspicious of the effects they may have on your body. Wear natural fabric like cotton or flax-linen for a week, and you’ll notice you feel cooler and more at ease. It’s not magic, the cotton can absorb sweat much better and help it out into the air so you don’t have to deal with too much moisture around your skin.

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Social Media to Reddit

I have been an opponent of social media for the security risks it is associated with. From fake identities to threat of leak of sensitive information about yourself into your social circles without your permission, there is a lot to distrust Facebook and Twitter on. But it needn’t mean you must go all offline and live in a cave. For one, the internet is a great way to learn about your passions and pursue your hobbies, as well as interact with like minded people.Nothing does it better than Reddit. In fact, most jokes you see on Facebook pages probably came first on Reddit. The service has a lot less media content eager to engage you, and the homepage thus shows only stuff that you are likely to be interested in based on votes collected globally. You get viral content before others, you get a better internet culture and there are less risks of inadvertent privacy leaks. Isn’t it worth a shot?

Coffee to Water

Caffeine is a diuretic. What this means is that it pulls water out of the bloodstream, making it effectively thicker. Do you drink coffee to feel energised? If you think it’s because it is delivering you energy, you’re mistaken. When you’re tired, it means you have expended your body’s ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which is sort of like a molecular battery.

Your brain detects the low ATP and begins to slow you down into a mode of rest. Coffee interferes with this mechanism and the brain is tricked into thinking there is enough energy. It can be helpful to stay awake when you have a project pending, but coffee being addictive as it is can make you end up feeling dull on days you skip it. Instead, try drinking a glass of water on waking up.You can have it warm with some green tea, or cold if you prefer. Your body has spent the last 6 to 8 hours without a drink of water, it can help you feel refreshed and also get the daily routine a push, if you know what I mean.

Crazy Diets to Conscious Eating

We’re all told about crazy diets where people skip entire food groups to gain magical health results. They almost never work! Turns out you cannot lose a whole lot of pounds in a week and still claim to be healthy. Those who attempt those diets also end up undergoing severe stress, and many relapse into gluttony soon after.

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A better choice is to be mindful of what you eat. Whatever your diet preferences, be sure to eat enough of carbs, protein and fats, keep vitamins and minerals in mind and consult a nutritionist about supplements in case you need some. It is also important to exercise everyday, not just when you’re trying to look better to make your ex jealous.

Netflix Binge Sessions to Strolls in the Neighborhood

I’m addicted to Netflix. Who isn’t? There’s just so much entertainment to enjoy it can be hard to log out and look away. Well, you needn’t. But it is very important to keep contact with the world outside.

Even if you think you’re well aware about what’s going on in your city, you might be surprised at the surprises the neighborhood might throw your way. Discover new bakeries, visit the local animal shelter (or better, volunteer on the weekends!), visit the farmer’s market, and you’ll feel fantastic. Even more fantastic than watching another 5 episodes of Doctor Who would have made you feel.

Video Games to Dinner with the Family

If you’re the kind who finds it hard to leave your high-tech gaming mouse when there’s a chore pending (you can get yourself some really good gaming mouse from 2kreviews.com), or who can play video games despite dinner being ready on the table, you need to make a change. Games are designed to give you quick rewards from your effort. Dinner with the family can be bland for many, to say the least.



But it is still worth putting down your smartphone and eating with your folks. It keeps the family together and a sense of belongingness. It is almost a ritual, and it should be treated sacred.

Packed Juices to Fresh Fruit

Even without preservatives, nothing can beat the taste and experience of fresh fruits. Turns out, companies habitually add sugar to juices to make them more palatable. Fruits already come in an enjoyable form. Don’t find fruits tasty? Incorporate them in salads, experiment with garnishes and vinaigrettes, and you might be able to cook a neat healthy dessert with some too.

The soluble and insoluble fibre makes you feel full as well as keeps the gut clean. You might be able to put down a plate of empty calories if you make your meals more filling using fresh fruit. The difference will be visible in your health as well as your looks.

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