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Awesome Ways to Lose Weight While Having Fun

Did you know that losing weight can actually be fun? There are those who think that losing weight is a long and painful process, but that is simply not the case. There are numerous ways to lose weight while having lots of fun.

Some people enjoy doing nothing for fun while others like running and lifting weights. If you fall into the first category, then these ways for losing weight are for you. You’ll see that intense physical activity can be exciting and enjoyable if you do it the right way.


Playing basketball is fun, just ask anyone who tried it. You don’t even have to be good at it to have fun. For lots of people, basketball is a fun and easy exercise they can do by themselves or with their friends. Of course, playing with others is indubitably more exciting than playing by yourself, so ask some of your friends to join you.

Even if you don’t have any friends who love being physically active, don’t despair. Just visit any local playground, shoot for fun, and someone will probably ask you to join them in a game.

As you can see, basketball is great for meeting new people, but it’s also great for losing weight. People have many different styles of play, so pick the one that suits you. If you’re creative be a playmaker, and if you’re precise be a shooter. Pick a style that suits you and run. Run like the wind. You’ll burn hundreds of calories in a couple of hours without even noticing.


Not every dance is the same, and not every style of dancing will help you burn a lot of calories. Slow-dancing at the wedding with a beautiful girl will make you sweat only if you’re in love with her, so try something different – enroll in a dance course.

Salsa and Zumba are great choices for those who want to work out while having a big smile.

Beach volleyball

What’s better than being on the beach? Losing weight, of course! Fortunately, there’s a way to lose weight while getting your tan and it’s called beach volleyball. This sport is incredibly amusing, especially if you’re playing it with some friends, and it can help you burn over 300 calories during just one game.

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Some people don’t like soccer because it’s too long and boring, at least according to them. Soccer is everything except boring, at least if you’re the one running and scoring goals. This sport is the one that anyone can play. It’s fun simply because one ball can decide so many things.

In life, like in soccer, you need goals, and soccer teaches you that. It shows you that you must fight to get what you want. Fortunately, it’s not an expensive sport, and you can even play it with bare feet. You just need a ball, two quality soccer goals, and a couple of mates ready to trim belly fat by trying to put the ball into the net.

Ultimate Frisbee

Playing Ultimate Frisbee is a tremendous way of trimming your body fat while being socially interactive. Teams usually consist of seven or more players, and the goal is to work your way down the field while avoiding opponents. By playing this sport you’ll improve agility, and you’ll certainly lift your spirits because of being surrounded by people who just want to have fun!

While having fun and being active is important, don’t think that you’ll lose weight just because of that. You still need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Limit your daily intake to 1700 calories. Eat less, and eat healthily. Wait until your stomach rumbles before you put food in your mouth and drink cold water because your body will actually spend calories on regulating your body temperature.

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