Innovative Anti-Aging Treatments you can’t Skip in 2017

The beautyindustry is today all about the introduction of new technologies and trends, sothere’s always some new treatment to try out. Here are some new and innovativeanti-aging treatments you can try in 2017. Take a look.

Friendly bacteria

There are many probiotic-based beauty productson the market this year. Different studies have shown that some friendlybacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, are very good for yourskin, so you can expect to see many new products based on these bacteria in2017. Many brands have already embraced this technology and are activelyimproving their formulas, so you should definitely check them out.

Skincare based onsuperfoods

People have been talking about superfoods and their benefitsfor the human body for some years now, and it was only a matter of time beforethey found their way into the beauty industry. In 2017, you will start seeingproducts with ingredients like kale, algae, flax seed oil, broccoli and such.If you can incorporate these superfoods into your diet, you can definitely givethem a shot and see how they work on your skin.

Plumping ingredients

Skincare has started concentrating more onhydration, so this year, there will be more products based on water and jelly.New products will exploit water-based ingredients and jelly-like textures inorder to provide the light and breathable finish customers desire. This isgreat news, because the more hydrated your skin is, the firmer and more radiantit will also get. You can also mix some of these water-based products into yourfoundation if you have extremely dry skin.

Face brushing

Women all over Asiahave been using this technique to gently exfoliate their skin, improve theircirculation, remove dead skin, prepare the skin for lotions and creams andimprove the tone and texture of their faces. This has been a trend in Asia for years and the rest of the world will soon followtheir example. Face brushing will give your skin a fresh and clean glow. In Asia, they use facial soap instead of cleansers, soexperts predict traditional bar soaps will be a big trend in 2017.

Treatment forhyperpigmentation

To treat this problem, we’ve been usingchemical peels and different lasers for a long time now, which require manysessions and cause redness and peeling. Now we have something else. It’sactually not new at all, but for decades we’ve been using it for somethingelse. Beauty experts have concluded that tattoo-removal lasers do miracles ineliminating pigment, so it’s logical to use them on hyperpigmentation too. Someof the lasers used in tattoo-removal can remove hyperpigmentation veryeffectively in only one session.

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The removal of finelines

The solution for this problem is in dermalfillers. You can getdermal fillers in Perth atprofessional cosmetic clinics that will do miracles for your vertical lip linesor naso-labial folds. Another thing you will soon be able to try is injectablecollagen called Cellifique. Many specialists don’t inject hyaluronic acid intothose lines because of the bluish cast they can cause. Cellifique doesn’t causesuch discoloration, but will fill those lines and wrinkles without anycomplication. It can also successfully remove tear troughs and all the linesaround the lips, with results that can last for around nine months. You can tryCellifique this spring if you live in Europe and in about 4 years in the USA. So, if youhappen to be in Europe this year, make sure togive it a try.

There are many new options to try out and makeyour skin look younger than ever before. Don’t hesitate to try new treatmentsand improve your skin, go ahead and try these new products.

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