Why you should avoid dramatic makeup on your wedding?

As the big day approaches everything has to be absolutely perfect. You have checked out the venue, the band, the dress, and other big things, and all you are left with are the details. For every bride looking natural and gorgeous is a top priority, especially because you are celebrating love and you wish to point that out on your photographs. Dramatic makeup and bold colors can be too kitsch. Hence when you sit down for your 20th anniversary to look at the wedding photos you want to see how your love was captured rather than feeling regret for wearing a red lipstick. So, here are a few reasons to avoid having a striking makeup.

Don’t experiment with something new

It would be horrible to look at your wedding photos after five years and not recognizing the girl in the photographs. That is why you should never experiment with makeup you haven’t tried before. Don’t use your wedding to make a smoky-eyes debut or wear a red lipstick for the first time, especially if you have always been wearing nude colors. Your goal is to look natural just more refined and finished. This is the time to play safe, at least with the makeup you know that suit you. It is your special day, so try to look yourself but slightly upgraded.

Do enhance your eyes

There are a few minimalist, and yet fabulous, tricks that you can do with your makeup to look dazzling on your wedding day. Some Australian brides have only worn a quality mascara and nailed it. If you happen to have a bad experience with waterproof mascara, or you are scared that due to heat you might get unsightly black eyes, then you should put eyelash extensions. Treat your made-of-honor with an eyelash extension course in Sydney and have her learn how to apply lashes. Not only will she have a great trade in her hands, but she would make your eyes and wedding look smoking hot without dramatic makeup. What is more, by having lash extensions you will feel sensational and ready to rock the day.

Well, certainly you want to look your best, but nowadays beauty and makeup trends are just too edgy. And edgy is not something that you want at your wedding. Fierce contouring and bronze highlighter that some celebrities advertise are not really appropriate for a wedding. Always bear in mind that you need a timeless look that will be on display on your photos for a very long time. That is why you shouldn’t follow modern trends, but rather opt for something classical such as earthy eyeshadow or a baby-pink blush.

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Do use natural tones

You don’t need to put much effort into looking stunning if you already have your magical dress and you are marrying the man of your dreams. However, every bride wants to look her best, and when it comes to making up, again, the aim is not to overdo it. The same goes for your foundation, for example. Use mild and simple natural tones for your foundation and make sure that it blends nicely with your skin tone. You want to enhance your beauty not to be artificial. What is more, pay attention that your makeup artist is using the right tools and professional products since you definitely want your makeup to be sweat-proof and kiss-proof.

Don’t skip the makeup trial

If you have found a makeup artist to enliven your wedding day look the way you have envisaged it, then you must schedule a trial session. This is important for so many reasons. Firstly, if you accidentally skip it, you might not like the way she does your makeup and if it ends up being too heavy or too plain, everything will fall to pieces. Next, you should bring photos to your trial or at least have a clear image of how you want your make up to look. Unless you don’t precisely point out what you like or don’t like, you will again be disappointed. Go prepared and avoid having cheesy and dramatic makeup which girls tend to wear on a crazy night out.

Do consider the big picture

Find time to investigate what kind of makeup look you truly desire. Search on various websites, look at some Pinterest photos and even consult your friends. Always try to think in advance and consider wearing makeup that will blend perfectly with the wedding theme, your hairstyle, the venue and again your personality. Go for mild matte beige lipstick rather than red lip gloss, or use pinkish eyeshadow rather than black eyeliner, and so on. You will look outstanding and dramatic by just being natural and yourself.

Planning the wedding is already daunting, but having to worry about makeup can be terrifying as well. Do some research, avoid common mistakes and follow these simple steps and you will look astonishingly.

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