The Various Phases of the ‘Roommate Life’ – From Strangers to Friends

The Various Phases of the 'Roommate Life' - From Strangers to Friends

You can get the first taste of complete freedom when you move to a new place or city and start to live in PG. No one is there to monitor your whereabouts; you can do whatever you want to do and this feeling thrills you a lot, isn’t it? But, as soon as the initial excitements settle down, you suddenly feel lonely as hell. Having a roommate can make your life different.

1) Can A Stranger Become Friend?

It entirely depends on both of you. Whether you are living in a PG in Bangalore or any other city, having a roommate can be beneficial for both of you. From sharing the rent to having good company- roommates can be bliss to your lonely stay. Many of you have bad experience with roommates, but that is only your luck, no? Maybe if you try again you can get a best friend in your roommate. The phase of a stranger being the best friend is not easy though.


2) Hi! I’m……..

Yes, every acquaintance starts with this only. Maybe you get initial info about your roommate from your landlord and vice versa. At the first meeting, give h/her warm welcome. If you get the same that, you will be wonderful. If not, then try to be acquainted from your part. Maybe, the other is little introvert and hesitate how to start. If you take the first step, they may cooperate.


3) Learn to Accept

You and your roommate are from different family background and often from different culture and city too. Don’t freak out if you see your roommate doing anything that you are not accustomed with. After all, life is a journey where you get to learn a lot of things, right?


4) Make the Financial Sharing Clear

Do this from the beginning. Everything should be shared. Maximum differences between roomies start from this point only. Sharing each bill properly can be a step towards good friendship. Don’t delay your payments and if you find them doing so, remind it politely.


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5) Be Generous

The ladder of friendship contains this important step. If you show generosity to your roommate, you will get it in return. If you let him borrow your coffee machine, you can ask for his iron on emergency. These small acts of kindness can make you good friends.

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6) Spend Quality Time with Your Roomies

If you are a couple and new in the city then you can spend quality time with each other. Explore the city together on weekends or plan for a dinner after a tiring day. Even room cleaning and grocery can be fun if you have nice company of your roommate. If you have experienced the city, include h/her in your friends’ circle. They won’t feel alone and homesick anymore.

Whether you are in PG in Bangalore or elsewhere, making friends is not difficult at all. You just need to be friendly and generous to the opposite and he/she will definitely take their steps toward you.

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