Tips on Installing Brick Fences and Gates

Brick Fences with Gates
Brick Fences with Gates

Are you an experienced DIYer? If it is so, you may be thinking the installation of brick fences and gates. However, there are professional companies that proudly install appealing gates and fences. Professionals can build timber, aluminum, wrought iron, brick or steel fences as per the need. They can foster practical pedestrian gates and driveways to match the fencing of the home. Apart from this, they can also customize the design as per your choice. To give the high-end designer appearance, the professional will combine several materials. By mixing and matching materials, different colors, they create sleek, modern, contemporary looks, traditional fencing to suit your needs. But then, you can still follow the guidelines for installing brick fencing and gates and get them done accordingly.

Brick Fences and Gates
Brick Fences and Gates

Checking Out Council Regulations and Various Safety Standards

This is the first step when you proceed to install brick fences and gates. You will require the permission of council or some kind of permit to build the fence and gate. You will also have to follow the territory and state safety standards. This will help in avoiding fines, frustrations, delays, and accidents. Also, consult with your neighbors to find whether they are happy with the installation or not.

Checking Out the Installation Tools and Equipment

You need to assemble or gather all the tools for installing brick fence and gates. You should have surplus bricks at your disposal to rectify the mistakes in case there are any. So, there will be no need to hunt for replacement bricks of matching colors. Take into consideration weather report also.

Brick Fences with Gates
Brick Fences with Gates

Laying the Footings

You need to get your concrete footing in place prior to installing the fences. Mix the concrete, pour and set the footing in a perfect manner. The concrete must be dry and this will need time. The footing is extremely necessary when it comes to supporting the fencing. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Perfectly Measuring Brick Fence Comes Next

Now, take up two bricks and just place them at the either ends of the fencing spot. Take the measurement from the outer edge of one brick and then to the another. Just measure the lengths and upon the footing mark out the length. Make sure, you leave some extra space for the joints at the end of the bricks.

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Brick and Gates
Brick and Gates

Laying the Bricks

Now you need to build the brick fence.  Make sure that the brick layer is straight. Lay the mortar upon the first layer of the brick and let that sit. Start from one end and make three layers. Push the bricks into the mortar. Just use string, nails, profile boards.

Considering Professionals for Brick Fences and Gates

Professionals for brick fences and gates would be the fabulous choice. They can install customized brick fences and pair it up withthe steel gates. The style can be detailed, ornate with a lot of many scrolls. If you use customized brick fences, you can make choices among a variety of gates. Apart from this, professionals can also help you install brick fences and gates for greater safety and security of the premises. This can fabulously complement the fencing. Try and include intercom system, added lights to enhance the appeal and improve the safety level.

To uplift the curb appeal and value of your property, you need to consider brick fences and gates. Choose from the wide assortment of design options. The joints of the fencing must look good. Brick fencing always offers exquisiteness to personal property.


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