These are some of the edible oils, which you can choose for your cooking

Our diet has a direct impact on the well-being of our body. Therefore, it is important that you should look carefully, what we take in our food and lead a healthy and happy life. Edible oil plays an important part in our kitchen and since you take this every day, it makes sense to use the right oil so that you get the best benefit from it and at the same time not get any side effects. In this article, we will talk about some heart-friendly cooking oil that you can try out which are not only wonderful in taste but also has a positive impact on your health. None of the oils mentioned here is arranged in any manner of importance and all of these are considered as highly beneficial to our heart. You can try either one or all of them to make the final choice which one of these will suit your taste and helps your body the most.

1). Olive Oil: Dieticians world over, refer this oil to their patients who are looking for a healthy oil, which not only taste amazing but also is very light on your heart. This oil composes of high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids and if you take this regularly, it will have a positive impact on your lipid profile. It also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood, which helps in keeping your heart healthy.

2).Sesame oil: Just like the olive oil, sesame oil is also an excellent edible oil that is hugely beneficial for our heart. As this oil is unsaturated fatty acid, it also has a great impact on reducing the bad cholesterol in your blood and keeping your blood pressure under control. This has a good impact on the overall health of your heart.

3). Mustard Oil: Mustard oil is one of the most popular oils in India. This oil is widely used in the north, the west, and the eastern part of the country. Mustard oil impacts the health of our body in numerous ways. This oil is full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These two helps to keep our heart in a good shape by not only reducing the bad cholesterol in the blood but also reducing the blood pressure significantly. Health specialists believe that mustard oil is one of the most heart-friendly cooking oils that you can buy in the market. Beside our heart, this oil has also several other benefits. Some of these include improving our appetite by increasing the secretion of bile juice.

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Additionally, it has been proven that regular intake of mustard oil reduces the chances of stomach cancer. In addition to taking this oil in our food, the mustard oil is also used externally to keep our skin and muscles strong and supple. Several arthritis patients use this oil to massage their joints so that they can manage their pain as mustard oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, mustard oil is also used as suntan lotion, to reduce breathing problems, to reduce dandruff’s and so on.

These are some of the edible oils, which you can choose for your cooking to lead a healthy and hearty life.

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