The Innovative Building System – A building system based on transportable and composed luxury housing units

iHouse is a housing unit of 23m2 which can operate independently or in a combination of two, three or four units corresponding to 46, 69 or 92m2 of residence.

At its basic form, each unit has an 11m2 balcony, covered on the side and the upper part, which can be easily converted into the main living space, just by increasing the usable living space by 34m2 per unit.

The iHouse system is the solid proof that only a few square meters can give prominence to a man’s quality of life. In other words, we refer to the formation of a specially designed small residence, which offers a big vital space, in order for it to be transportable and comfortable.

This handmade residence can be either installed on foundation at any plot, either transferred on wheels at any place chosen. It can be ready to use immediately, by using the public water, sewage and electricity networks. Also, it can make use of independent water tanks, waste administration tanks and batteries.

Coziness and the luxury of solid wood used, feature every corner and detail of the iHouse. The interior and exterior wall-claddings, french windows, furniture, kitchen and bathroom combine modern design with the classy, yet timeless value of wood.

Indoors, there is a partition for the bathroom while the kitchen, sitting-room and bedroom form a single space. The huge sliding French doors, once open, ban all limits of indoor and outdoor spaces, thus providing a sense of freedom and interaction with nature while at the same time contribute in the natural ventilation of the residence.

The LED lighting and the specially selected electric devices, support the low energy consumption. On their side, the big hidden storage spaces in the flooring as well as the bed and hanging wardrobes help the space to be kept cleaned and in order.

iHouse is a perfectly insulated and totally ecologic residence of little energy requirements. It offers a quality and economical living even during the cold days of winter. It is a luxurious residence of special aesthetics, which creates moments of relaxation and rest while it is in total harmony with the natural environment thus being an ideal solution when it comes to getting a holiday house.

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