Why Would You Do the Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring is one of the important specialty tasks in the construction industry that has to be handled appropriately. It actually means drilling into a concrete structure.  However, the reason for drilling into concrete would vary, ranging from installing plumbing or electrical lines, pulling out a small piece of concrete for testing, creating an opening for the manhole etc. The concrete has to be drilled into using quality scores, to accomplish the intended job as expected and for it to be safe. So if you want to install some plumbing or eletrical lines in your home then you must do the concrete corning, and along with that concrete coring can also be done by professionals for house extension project.

Core drilling applications

The process of core drilling is actually the removal of a cylinder of a material called core mostly concrete.  The concrete core drilling has varied applications. But the most common purposes for which it is used include

  • For installation of HVAC systems that may necessitate drilling into walls, floor, ceilings etc for cabling
  • To meet plumbing requirements
  • For slab and roadway holes for drainage, rebar tie-ins, and dowelling
  • For making it possible to fix up recessed lightings and fixtures in the ceiling
  • For sample analysis of the concrete using petrographic, chemical and physical tests to take necessary precautions and corrective actions.

Tools used for concrete corning:

The process of drilling into the concrete must not only be handled by experts, but it should also be done using appropriate equipment. The types of diamond core equipment that are used for concrete core drilling include

  • Electric tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Hydraulic tools

The process of concrete corning:

  • The concrete core drilling process begins with the operator of the diamond core drilling machine using the threaded anchor to secure the drill post to the wall bolting up the drill post. The bolting process ensures that the core drill makes one smooth consistent core.
  • Then the operator fits the drill bit. The drill bit actually should concur with the specifications required by you as a customer and it could vary from 0.5” diameter to as large as 4’ in diameter. There is scope for getting a drill bit custom made, as well if the hole you want in the concrete structure is not in line with the standard sizes of drill bits that are available.
  • The properly mounted drill is turned on and operated by giving pressure on the crank. Meanwhile, water is added as a coolant.  Most drills can remove a core bit with a depth of 12-14” and are capable of cutting through the rebar steel.
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Tips for core drilling

 The concrete core drilling process can be done effectively if the following factors are given due consideration.

  • Choosing the right drill– Whether you are going to purchase a drill or rent a drill for use, the standards that you should follow including mounted drills for diameterof core over 3.75inches
  • Power– The power availability at the job site as well as the environment will determine the type of tool you should buy or hire for concrete core drilling.
  • Stand attachment– When your drilling job is mostly on flat surfaces you could buy a hand-held machine with a vacuum stand with a chain for extra protection. This means that the hand-held machine could be used for other purposes such as drilling for plumbing and electrical lines, as well.
  • Choosing the diamond core bit– The factors you should consider to take a right decision regarding this is concrete psi and the aggregate hardness.generally softer diamond is used for hard materials and vice-versa.

Use appropriate methods for meeting the requirements effectively.

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