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You can turn your home into a better place by renovating it as per the latest standards. If you would like to make changes to the flooring, the hardwood flooring is the best option in this direction. The flooring is strong and durable. It will certainly enhance the value of the property and there will not be any issues. As the hardwood flooring will add great warmth, you should want to choose the best material that will last for many years. The flooring can be arranged at any level of your home so that the moisture levels are kept under control. The energy efficiency will also be enhanced by choosing the most appropriate raw material.


Selection of hardwood materials

The hardwood material selection and installation should be done very carefully. The recommendations of the manufacturer should be followed by keeping the moisture level well below the recommended levels. The hardwood flooring can be installed upon three primary subfloors which include basement or concrete subfloor (below ground level), concrete subfloor (at ground level) and plywood subfloor (at or above ground level).

The primary subfloor can be addressed with four different types of constructions. They are ¾ inch solid, 5/16 inch solid, engineered and locking.


Points of concern

The following points should be considered while shopping for hardwood flooring:

  • The impact of humidity on the hardwood flooring
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Purchase of pre-finished or unfinished hardwood
  • Change of color over a period
  • Necessity of engineered hardwood floor
  • Adaptation to the new climatic conditions
  • Cost of the project

As there will be great addition to beauty, comfort, style and value to the property, you should want to choose hardwood material in a very careful way. Before you shop for the long-term investment, there should be clarity on various aspects. If you get answers to the lingering questions, you will certainly settle for the best hardwood flooring without any issues.

A great deal of skill is required to install hardwood flooring. You would want to hire a certified professional so that the installation will be done as per the latest standards and all your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient way. The project takes considerable time and effort. Hence, you should have the patience to complete the project by investing your time so that the appearance and functionality will be great.

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If you go for pre-finished hardwood flooring, they are already stained and sealed. If you prefer pre-finished flooring, you should be able to install them very carefully. They should be stored at right location so that the wood will not be exposed to dust and fumes. You should understand the fact that the procurement of pre-finished hardwood flooring will take a long time.

Unless you go for engineered hardwood flooring, you should let the wood go through the acclimatization process. The acclimatization is nothing but the adaptation of the hardwood floors to the new conditions in the room. In the case of engineered hardwood, the process will be done at the manufacturing facility so that you are free from the process.


Maintenance of hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood is not recommended in certain areas where the water pooling will take place. The humidity will be very high in bathrooms and rooms which are constructed below the ground level. Hence, you should avoid hardwood flooring as it is not feasible to protect them from moisture.

Dust and dirt should be eliminated at regular intervals by following the maintenance schedule so that the life of the hardwood flooring will be very much enhanced and the appearance will be grand new for many years. Special hardwood cleaner should be used periodically. The spills should be removed at the earliest so that there will not be any stains.

The hardwood flooring color will change over a period. It might darken or lighten. In some cases, it will turn into yellow color. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. The tips and recommendations offered by the manufacturer should be followed in this context. If the floor is covered with rugs and furniture, they should be moved evenly and occasionally so that the hardwood floor will age evenly.


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You should be aware of the cost of the raw material and installation. Online tools presented by reputed vendors can be used in this context so that you will have 100% clarity on the budget. There will not be major deviation from the project cost and it is possible to choose the most appropriate hardwood flooring materials in an effortless manner.


Choose the right vendor

You should choose the right vendor who will be able to assist you in installation, maintenance, and repairs over a long period. If you have access to trims and moldings that match your hardwood flooring, a highest level of elegance can be maintained. You can go for pet-friendly hardwood flooring by taking certain precautions. You are advised to take the counsel of experts to choose the most appropriate hardwood flooring installation for your needs.

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