Outdoor Patio Blinds: A To Z

Outdoor patios are common mainly in large residential areas. Outdoor patio blinds are used in these cases for privacy purposes and to protect the outdoor area from excessive heat, rain, or cold waves. In these situations, outdoor patio Ziptrak blinds come handy. Ziptrak blinds does not need buckles or zippers for management purpose, in fact, they are quite easy to operate because of the smooth movement and lock-down system.

Why Should You Choose Dark Coloured Outdoor Patio Blinds?

Dark colours refrain the scorching sunlight from entering your patio by absorbing the heat. This implies a patio which remains cool throughout the year and protects you and your expensive patio furniture or pots from exposing to the direct sunlight. The patio is eventually protected from the long-term effects of direct exposure of sunlight.

Reasons To Use Outdoor Patio Blinds:

  • Extremities of the Weather: Outdoor entertainment areas should be comfortable under all situations. Be it the direct rays of the sun or the freezing breeze, an outdoor patio blind keeps all at bay and keep you cool and warm as and when required.
  • Style Quotient: As mentioned above, all large and posh residential areas contain patios. These act as an entertainment zone for visiting guests at home. Keeping it stylish and classy along with the home décor is of prime importance. Outdoor patio Ziptrak blinds are of high quality and are designed to satisfy your fashion tastes.
  • Privacy: These blinds offer you utmost privacy from those intruding neighbours or passers-by. You can enjoy the privacy within the aesthetics of the patio without your neighbour’s eye on you.
  • Insect repellent: With Ziptrak’s unique designs, these blinds become a barrier between you and the pesky mosquitoes and other insects.


  • Clean the outdoor patio ziptrak blinds with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. You can roll them up once the blinds are dry.
  • To keep the blinds new as ever, try not to use heavy chemically loaded detergents, insecticides, or sprays.
  • Avoid using cleaning detergents used for windows, as they might damage the outdoor patio Ziptrak blinds.
  • Clean all kind of stains on the blinds (droppings, marks, etc.) immediately and not left to dry.
  • Never use oil lubricants on the blinds, as they might block the dust inside the blinds.
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How To Choose The Correct Material?

When talking about west or north facing patios, outdoor patio Ziptrak blinds made of mesh is a good and optimal choice because these areas experience direct exposure from the sun and strong breezes and rain. Thus, mesh automatically becomes a viable choice, as it can block the rays and other weather components easily.

For well shaded areas, like the ones facing the east or the south, PVC plastic is the best option. It offers light intrusion in colder month and allows penetration of heat. It also blocks rain and winds from entering.

Finally, if we talk about places, which are a combination of both, i.e., hot, and cold, an amalgamation of both the materials would suit the needs of the person.

Hence, outdoor patio Ziptrak blinds not only provide you with a feeling of seclusion and privacy but at the same time, it offers an instant makeover. With a wide variety to choose from, these blinds are attractive and a quick mood lifter. Expert advice is always recommended before you choose to invest in such patio blinds. They will not only listen to your needs and wants but also add an element of their own expertise and experience. Now, you can make the most of the beautiful weather present outside by relaxing in your own private space.

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