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You Know Personal Protective Equipment, But What does PPE include?


PPE is all around us but do you know what is included in PPE? Well in this article we are going to be explaining the fundamentals of PPE and what items can be included within it. We will being to discuss the benefits of wearing PPE whilst informing you of the negatives if you do not wear them.


What is PPE?

PPE is a very broad term, some also know it by Personal Protective Equipment it is a term that is used to define a collection of items that is designed to protect a user from a potential risk. It often includes items like safety helmets, high visibility, safety footwear, safety harnesses, eye protection, gloves and safety clothes such as work trousers and work tops.


Why is PPE Important?

PPE is an important part of working life within the UK and worldwide because of its effectiveness against protecting the user from potential risks such as falling objects. Although PPE is designed to protect you, it is known that it should only be used as a last case scenario and the workplace should be as safe as possible and hazards should be removed before the workforce comes into contact with it.

PPE is designed to protect the user from injuries to areas such as the head, feet, lungs, eyes, ears, hands, skin and body. This of course allows for a huge selection of PPE that is available on the market, making it one of the biggest areas in the clothing industry. Items like high visibility clothing is a huge part of that market because of the sheer amount of individuals who use them, whilst items like Work Trousers are often the greatest sellers with many people from electricians to construction workers being the most common users of this durable clothing like trousers.


Why do I have to wear it?

Those that do not know PPE is included under UK law, within the health and safety regulations such as The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. These laws state that all employees must wear the correct PPE when working in an environment where a hazard shows potential risk to the users. All employers must pay for their employees PPE, and must be provided for Free of charge as mentioned in the personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992. This law also mentions that all employees must be fully trained on the equipment before given access and they equipment must be clearly visible to the employees whilst being told exactly where they can get and use the equipment where needed.

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Whilst they laws are available online they are sometimes difficult to understand in full, so when it comes to buying the best items for your employees you should ensure you speak to and expert.


What is included within PPE?

The PPE industry is huge and included a wide variety of items from simple hard hats, to steel toe cap boots. All of these items have been carefully selected because of the protective features, each of which has a different selection of features dependant on their use, such as high visibility and waterproof. On an informative note you should always choose your products carefully for their features as you need to be wearing the best possible items depending on the environment you are in to ensure maximum protection.

The work clothes industry is the biggest within the PPE market because of the sheer number of people who wear protective items such as work trousers and work clothes, which items like t-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, trousers, jackets and much more, I’m sure you have worn one of these before? There is also a wide variety of these items that come in fire protection and high visibility such as the jackets and vests, the high visibility range is the biggest type of protective clothing sold, with number reaching the millions sold within the UK each year. If you haven’t seen a high visibility jacket before you must have been living under a rock for the last 20 years.


Where can I buy PPE?

Finding the correct Personal Protective Equipment shouldn’t been a difficult thing to do because of the amount of providers online, simply look at reviews. I find that looking at reviews can help you significantly in finding the best places to purchase you items from because of their ability to give you insider information. When it comes to buying your Workwear take a look online, the first page of most search engines will tell you the most used companies which allows you to instantly find some extremely reliable providers. But as mentioned above take a look at their reviews, do your research, It may take you 5 minutes to do but can save you a bunch of time in the future.

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