How to Protect Your Phone from Being Stolen

Most people have smartphones these days. There was a time when the phones were cheaper and people didn’t care about losing them. But nowadays, phones are really expensive. And even more worrying factor is the data. The smartphones these days have your contacts, important messages, and calls data, photos, banking details, password to accounts, file and other sensitive information.

With all this, people never want to lose their phones. They don’t even want them to be stolen. But phone robberies and stealing are common these days. With more expensive phones in pockets, the criminals also target people who they believe have expensive devices. So in such cases, the users can do nothing when they meet a thief or robber. But few things can be done in this regard to prevent your phone from being stolen and protect the important data.

Following tips will help users to protect their phones from being stolen.

Use Security Options

When we say security options, that means all the possible ways to secure your device. It includes a password, pattern locks, fingerprint lock, and iris scanning option as well as Face ID. Nowadays, smartphones have face ID option to lock and unlock devices. This makes a phone really secure. The robbers will find it hard to unlock the device and access data.

Apart from this, protect your apps and important data with a password. Just phone password or lock should not be an option. You need an extra password or approval to access apps, data, messages, WhatsApp, emails and other stuff like photos. This will make you feel relaxed even if you lose the phone and you will be sure that your data will not be leaked.

Find My Phone

If you have an iPhone, it has a default feature called Find My iPhone that allows users to trace the stolen or lost iPhone. This feature is really helpful and you should use it. Turn on the feature and use your iCloud ID on it. Try to link it to your Mac, if you have any. This will make it easy for you to find the stolen iPhone.

For Android users, there are a good number of apps that can allow users to track the live GPS location of the phone. Find one of the best apps and activate it. It will surely help you feel better and find in case the phone is lost or stolen. You can easily track the device and even catch the robbers or thieves.

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Backup Your Data

Data protection is one of the most important things to do. You have a lot of options to back up your data. You can use Google Drive, cloud services, a hard drive, a USB or any other option. You can even sync data with Gmail ID. This will be helpful in protecting your data if you lose the device. In some cases, this option can prove handy in tracking the phone or device.

Don’t Leave Phone Unattended

It has been seen that many people leave their devices and phones without caring about. The worse thing is they don’t even have passwords or locks on the devices. This makes your phone vulnerable to any risk. It can be stolen or taken away without letting you know. Anyone can do this. So always use password, never leave the phone unattended and carry it along wherever you go.

Keep Updating Phones

Whether it is an iPhone or an Android device, the companies advise users to update their devices to the latest versions of the software. The reason is that new updates don’t have any flaws and they improve the security of your device. If you don’t update the phone, old software versions can be prone to any threat or hacking. The robbers can even bypass the password and security to access your data and other stuff. So it is always recommended to have the latest version of the software to stay safe and secure. Moreover, don’t hand over your phone to any person you think is not trustworthy.

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