7 Texts that you’ve received If You’ve Got An Amazing Boyfriend

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Each one of us is lucky if we have the perfect boyfriend by our side. Sure, we like one or two of the things but nowadays what will make him stand out in the crowd is his good texts and the special ways he treats and respects you. That’s right! Early morning texts or the late night ones while tucking you to bed, these texts simply makes your day and you can’t deny that no matter how gorgeous he is, it is his ability over which you are flat out mad about.

Following are a few of the texts that have been listed as the majority of the girls that say that these messages from their boyfriends have changed their days into a beautiful one.

1. Hey Beautiful!

Whether it is the early morning text or the mid-afternoon one, these two words can make your world fall in place and start your day with a broader or a mile wider smile. And trust us, a perfect guy knows when to send this one and give you a good reason to blush today.

2. I Can’t Wait To See You

Sure you’ve butterflies and you just can’t wait to see him but you know what’s cherry on the cake when you get the same vibes that he too can’t wait to see you. This similar feeling of reciprocation, the shared feeling of hearts and vibes, you better hold on to this keeper, else you might regret in future.

3. It’s Your Day I’m Going To Make It Large

Your birthday means a lot to him and he would do anything to make your wishes come true. Surprising you with a delicious cake at zero hours and leaving you awestruck via a midnight cake delivery and making the moments memorable, that’s a great sign to know how amazing he can be!

4. You Make Me A Better Person

Turning you tantrums into a positive one and taking the fights to a whole new understanding level, he never forgets to make you feel how special you are to him and how better you make him with your presence and love.

5. Have You Reached Safely

The care and the concern can be showcased in no better way than a text portraying all his worries and his concern. No matter even it is an early evening, all his care and concern can be seen and felt in a single liner text.

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6. Thinking About You

He might be caught up in a meeting or might be occupied with friends and family, but if he drops this text, you gotta hold on to him and make him feel loved every second of the day and of the year.

7. I’m Sorry I Made You Feel

Apologizing especially when he is not at fault takes a lot of courage and a lot of love. So, next time he does that to you, you better forgive him and get back to how you both were.

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