Effective Tips to Clear Blocked Drains Yourself for Home

Effective Tips to Clear Blocked Drains Yourself for Home

A blocked drain is not a new thing to us and this happened often times due to the place that we live in, the weather, the flooding or similar such events. However, it could be difficult and expensive to call the plumber all the time to help with the blocked drains. This guide will help you with the effective ways to unblock the drains.


Things to know before you start

As a rule, the pipes below the ground as laid in straight lines wherever possible and wherever there is a turn needed, there is a right angle and there is a manhole cover hole above it.  One of the first few signs that you need to understand is the problem with the clogged WCs, sinks and bathroom and the failure of water to quickly or efficiently drain.


Tools you will need

  • A good pair of rubber gloves
  • The drain rods that are fitted with 100mm diameter plunger
  • Water hose
  • A strong spade probably used in your garden
  • A good watering can


Now locate the blockage

Once you are ready with the above mentioned tools and equipment’s you need to locate the blockage. A strong garden spade will help you out here with lifting the manhole covers. Once you are able to open the cover you need to inspect these for the blockage. The access to the manhole will help you identify the blockages in the pipes.


Clearing the blockage

Once you identify the blockage you need to inset the rod with the plunger installed at the front. If the chamber is empty, then you can easily see the chamber but if it is full then you will have to work with a proper judgment. However, you need to make sure that you do not try to rush the process because clearing the blocked drainage is a process wherein you need to patiently put forth efforts.


LXP - Cleaning Blocked Drain Water


Addition of rods

If the blockage is not yet accessed, you need to keep adding more rods until you get access to the blockage. As you work, you need to make sure that you turn the rods clockwise because this will help them to be intact; if you tend to turn them anticlockwise then this might unscrew the rods and might be difficult for you to get the rods out. Once you get access to the block then try to push the plunger and pull so that the block can be cleared. However, if this is not happening then you can use a hard material that will help you to break the blockage.

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Using of the wet jet

Once the obstruction is cleared you need to make use of the wet jet or a strong gush of water down the drain so that the drains can be cleared. You can make use of your hose as well in order to pass the water down the drain with added force.



Once the blocked drains are cleared it is time to clean the rods and other materials used for the work. You need to use good quality disinfectant and clean the rods, plunger, gloves and so on in order to maintain proper hygiene. You also need to clean the area near the manhole so that there is no foul smell after the cleaning is complete.


When you consider the above mentioned benefits you can be sure to obtain great benefits in the long run. When you do it yourself you get better idea about your system and you are also able to save some money.

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