Bodhran Vs Harp – Which One Should You Choose for Your Kid?

Music is the heart and soul of many people from around the world. Not only do people like to listen to music but playing various instruments has become something of a “cool factor” as musicians get treated to the highest degree in the modern day. Imagine someone beating a small drum or playing a guitar in a crowd, surely they are going to get all the attention. However, learning to play any music instrument might not be as easy as it seems when looking at some playing it, a lot of learning and devotion is required to get you into the right playing habits.

Bodhran and Harp are two of the most iconic instruments from their respective instrument categories. The Bodhran is a percussion instrument from the drum family and the Harp is a stringed instrument that has seen many changes over the decades from being used in different cultures by different musicians. When looking to get your kids learning music instruments, you have to be really careful. Their personal taste in music and natural playing styles have to be concentrated on before putting them on the right course of a music instrument. Here’s a comparison between the Bodhran and the Harp that might help you choose between the two for your young kid:

Versatility of the Bodhran

Bodhran is from the drum family and the drum is known as the mother of all music instruments. It is by all accounts the primordial music instrument in human history as the very first implementations were used for other purposes like sounding war warnings and scaring off animals. However, through almost countless innovations and creativity in the good old drum, the Bodhran was created some time in the 18th century and has seen much popularity during the past few decades. It is a one-handed drum that is although played with the second hand. The lightweight frame and skin of the Bodhran make it very compact and portable, making it one of the most versatile music instruments.

The other great thing about the Bodhran is that it can be used to produce alternating sound in terms of the bass output and pitch of the music. The wooden or plastic sticks planted inside its frame on the back side can be used to change the music output to your liking and the instrument is one of the easiest to learn at the basic level. Once your kid is familiar with its basic moves and playing techniques, they can move on to master it as well.

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Multiple Usage Scenarios of Bodhran

The Bodhran drum is a versatile music instrument that can be used at many different stages. A pop concert can use the Bodhran very efficiently, a crowd in a high street can be entertained by a Bodhran with a vocalist or any private gathering can use a skilful Bodhran player with a vocalist or a solo performance as well.

If your kid is popular among his/her friends and the community, they will love the Bodhran because of its versatility and customized music output. Practically, it can be used anywhere at all where there is a crowd to be entertained and dancing is on the mind of everyone.

Elegant Visual and Music Appeal of the Harp

If your kid is one who likes elegance and uniqueness, the Harp is certainly the way to go. Not only the Harp itself looks elegant and unique but a Harpist also looks pleasing to the eye with unique smooth extended arm movements when playing it. Music output from the Harp is also very pleasing and refreshing but when you consider the complexity it offers in the learning process, it is easy to not go the Harp way for your young kid.

The stringed instrument has a high number of strings that can also be varied to some extent but no matter how low you go in string numbers, the Harp is still one of the hardest stringed instruments to master. However, once your kid becomes a harpist, he/she will be attending those high profile harp gatherings for sure.

Extant of Harp Usage

In the usage scenario, the Harp is many levels below the Bodhran. The Harp is only admired by the elite class of people or true music fans who above all else prefer true music quality and elegant sounds. You will never see a harpist playing a harp at a public place or even in most music concerts.

It is mainly a private gathering music instrument and will mean that your kid will only be playing it at dedicated gatherings and meetings.

The choice between the two is really simple, if your kid is a party lover, Bodhran is the way to go and if he/she loves those strictly music private gatherings, harp is certainly the best choice.

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