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8 Amazing Ways Technology Can Improve Your Writing

When you write, you rarely think about the quality of your writing although you know that you may make some mistakes. Still, most of us think that writing mistakes are not so important, and average quality of writing is enough to be understood by people. Of course, people will understand you but the impression you create will not be as good as it would have been if you had written flawlessly.

In business, the first impression is frequently created by your letters and emails. It means that when your colleague, partner, or potential client receives an email from you, the first thing they notice is how you write and how you express your thoughts. Most of the people admit that they subconsciously do not trust people who make a lot of mistakes and do not trust in their professionalism.

For students, the importance of mistakes-free works is obvious. If a student wants to have better grades, they must write papers that contain no grammar, logical, and structural mistakes.

So, how the problem of perfect writing can be solved? Modern technologies allow using different methods for checking content and improving it. Here, we have collected 8 amazing ways in which technology can help you to improve your writing.


Spell checkers

Spell checking is the first thing you need to do after a text is written. Even though you are sure that your English is perfect, you still need to check your writing to make sure that you did not make some typos. Besides, some spell checkers have integrated a system of recommendations that make hints to replace a phrase or a word with a more appropriate word.

Today, the number of spell checkers is huge. However, some of them are far more popular than others and have already proven to be the best choice for different goals. For example, one of such apps is Grammarly. It has both paid and free access, so it’s basically available for everyone. However, the paid access has extended options and ensures better checking of the text.
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Style checking apps

Typos and mistakes are just some of the problems that appear in the writing. Another problem that should be fixed is the problem of style. In fact, choice of a style is one of the most complicated problems that may appear when writing any kind of text. For example, if you are writing a business email to your clients, the style will be absolutely different from the style that you use for essays.

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To improve this aspect of your writing, we recommend you to make use of style checking apps, such as Hemingway app. It gives certain hints and tips to replace and delete some words to make your writing perfect.


Sharing and clouds

If you want to share your writing with your editor or readers, you do not need to write an official letter where you will show the draft of your writing. You may use clouds for sharing your drafts and ideas for writing. This will be especially useful for those who use a huge number of resources for writing. Thus, everyone will get access to these materials if you share them via the cloud. The matter is when you cooperate with several people, it may be quite time and effort consuming to send these materials to everyone every time. Using clouds, you save your time.


Google Docs

Google Docs are perfect if you want to work on your text together with someone. Here, several people can edit the text simultaneously, and the history of changes is preserved, so you can check this information whenever you want and cancel the changes. Also, Google Docs allows leaving comments in the texts.
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To get the best quality of the writing, spell checking and style checking is not enough. The matter is that only a person can estimate the quality of your writing and polish your content through proofreading. That’s why it is always better to order proofreading services for your writing. You do not need to look for a professional editor or a proofreader to check your papers. Today, these services are available online, so you can easily find a proofreading agency, submit your paper, and get a perfect result. Unlike free spell checkers, professional proofreading services require some fees, however, their price is affordable to anyone.



Mind maps

If you have to write a lot and you are always full of ideas, you need some space to settle these ideas and make them easily reachable. Online mind maps are perfect for that. First of all, you can keep there all the ideas for your writing and share them with other people. Secondly, you can use special tools to make these ideas more structured and logical. Thus, you will be able to return to these maps when you need to find some ideas for your writing.


Dictionary and thesaurus

Sometimes, you literally cannot find a proper word to express your thoughts. In this case, it is better to use a dictionary or a thesaurus. Of course, using paper dictionaries, you will spend too much time looking for a proper word, but with the access to modern technologies, you can find a huge list of synonyms for the word in just a minute. For example, you may use Thesaurus.com website where you can find definitions and synonyms for different words.


Online feedback

Many people are more productive when they receive continuous feedback on what they do. However, sometimes it is impossible, especially when you write a college paper or some essay as you may submit it only once. If you feel that you want some hints and some commentaries on your work, use special online feedback services such as My Access! It will help you find your inspiration and continue working on your writing.

Technologies make our lives easier and they also influence our writing. Today, with these technologies, everyone can make their writing perfect. By adding them to your writing process (the writing itself, editing, finding ideas, or sharing writing with other people), you enjoy the benefits of flawless texts that you get as a result!

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