How to Make Your College Graduation Party Memorable

Cheerful students throwing graduation caps in the Air

Finally, the day has come to bid adieu your sweet college days. You are excited, you are sad, you are happy, or you may be nervous. The fact is this is the time when you are engulfed by a feeling of mixed emotions.

On the one hand, the very thought of separating from your friends or the anticipation of missing all the fun is making you sick and disheartened. While, on the other, a hope for a bright future or a dream to achieve something big is making you smile. If you think through both ways and sum it up, it is indeed a pleasant ending to a new beginning.  

Having mentioned that, one thing you can do at this point in time is created memories, have fun with your friends and mates so that you can cherish these final moments forever. So, what else would be great than to throw a graduation party and to enjoy it to the fullest?

Here is how you can make your college graduation party unforgettable:

  • Choose An Awesome Venue

When it comes to picking a venue to celebrate the party, it should be an interesting place so that everybody would love it. Most of the time graduation parties are organized at home in which there is no scope of enjoying too much. But if you intend to plan it with full celebration, you can choose an off-campus apartment or a long distance camp as a venue. Booking a private room at a restaurant or a lounge would be a good idea, too. You can also make it a theme based party where all your friends and other invitees would be dressed according to a particular theme.

  • Exchange Gifts And Pleasantries

It is a perfect time to give your closest friends gifts and getting pleasantries in return. Since you have spent so much time with each other; this final time will be very precious for you all. There is a long list of gifts you can give them. For example, a bouquet of flowers, a pack of chocolates, albums of pictures taken with each other, slam books, and so on.  Moreover, you can create personalized gifts by yourself for the party celebrations as well as for all of your friends. To start with, it would be a great idea to make water bottle labels for graduation party celebrations and presenting them to the invitees.

  • Include Exotic Foods And Drinks
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A party without food and drinks is no party at all, and such an out of the way celebration should definitely include a grand feast. There are numerous varieties of options and a long list of food items to choose from – such as burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, continental foods as well as a whole delicious buffet. While for drinks, you can manage small tubs of cold drinks and juices. And for over 21 years crowd, beer, wine, and champagne will be a good option. If the party is exceeding your stated budget, you can distribute coupons among students so that they can avail more discounts. In addition to that, you can include DIY (do it yourself) settings for preparing various food items, mocktails, and cocktails in order to celebrate the party even more emphatically. It will also allow your guests to mix and mingle their favorite things while enjoying their final moments.

  • Make A Video Memoir

For such a memorable party, it does not suffice to only take pictures and leave the venue. These last moments of celebrations definitely need to be captured on a video. Even after a long time in your life, you will live these moments through a well-prepared video memoir. While watching this video in the future, you will naturally notice how some of your friends have drastically changed. It will give you an immense happiness to see how energetic you were then and how full of life those moments were.

  • Include Interesting Activities

To make your graduation day party more enjoyable, you can include a lot of interesting activities that would keep everyone engaged and entertained. Some of your friends (including you) must have different talents, for instance: singing, dancing, playing instruments, comedy, and other skills. Give everyone a platform to showcase their special talents and entertain all the guests. Apart from that, you can also plan to include certain graduation party games. For example, Musical Partners is an interesting game in which couples are invited on the dance floor and music is played. Stop the music and the couples have to split and select someone else to dance with. Similarly, the musical chair can be played. You can also give titles to your friends, such as – Couple of the year, Match of the year, Famous personality of the batch or year, etc.

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Final Thoughts

The graduation day is an important milestone for you and your family. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of every graduate. Some of you will go on to become great politicians, for some the future is waiting to invent a new technology, while some of you will excel in sports or films. But what you will always miss in your life is these golden days of your student life. So, make these moments even more interesting as well as memorable by following the above-mentioned tips.

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