7 Easy-Peasy Colorful Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

Colorful Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving festival is celebrated as a national holiday in the US and Canada. It is celebrated in Canada on second Monday of October and fourth Thursday of November in the US. Thanksgiving is celebrated for the blessings of the year including harvest. It is enjoyed with full fun to give thanks to those people close to the harvest season. It is celebrated in the church mostly to say thanks to God for giving food and comfort of life. When everybody is enjoying this festival how can we forget Toddlers? Here are the interesting and fun loving Activities for Toddlers to enjoy this holiday.


1)Thanksgiving Shaving Cream Art

Thanksgiving Activities Shaving Cream Art

Let us introduce you the thanksgiving puffy paint to add more color to this holiday. You can use shaving crème for making creative and artistic soft paint. For this, you will require shaving crème, Paint Powder, wax paper, a thick white card stock paper which can hold shaving crème better, scissor, and clear drying school glue.

First take a wax paper and put few shaving crème mounds on it.

Now tell your children to make a thick liquid of paint powder mixing the small amount of water.

Now mix this different color liquid paint in the dumplings of shaving crème.

Tell your kid to mix it with their little finger.

Cut the shapes you want to use from the white card stocks like apple, banana, and horns.

Now spread this matching puffy paint on the shapes your kids have prepared. Let the child paint to know the color of fruits.

Now take another card stock paper and make glue lines on this paper.

Now tell your child to press puffy paints fruits and other shapes on this glue paper.

We assure your children would love to play this puffy paint activity. It will also help the kids to learn about color and shapes.


2) Thanksgiving Corn Craft

Thankgiving Corn Craft

Thanksgiving Kernel (corn) craft is an easy and interesting activity for the pre-school kids. A child can make their favorite color kernels using different colors of paint powder. For this corn craft, you will need a Ziploc bag, wax paper, corns and different color paint powder.

First of all, mix the water in the paint powder and make a liquid color of each paint powder. Now tell your children to fill the kernels in different Ziploc bags. Time is to pour the different color into different bags. Now lock all the bags. Tell your children to shake all the bags well until each and every corn doesn’t catch color. Once your children are done with it, spread the colored corns into the wax paper. Let it dry overnight. Your colored kernels are ready to make your favorite art. Children can play with it making wonderful pictures out of these colored corns.

3) Rainbow Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Rainbow Paper Plate Turkey Craft

For this art you will need a paper plate, 6 clothe pins, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, red, brown paint powder, googly eyes, red and orange color papers, paint brush, glue and wax paper.

Use the paint brush and make a thick liquid of brown paint powder and paint the paper plate.

Paint clothespins using different colors.

Now take the brown paper plate, stick googly eyes with the help of glue.

Cut a small triangle of orange paper and small squiggle shape of red and stick on the side of the orange beak.

Pin the cloth pins on the head of the paper plate to give a feather look.

Rainbow paper plate art is ready. Let the children choose their favorite color and cut the shapes on their own. This is how they can learn about the color and shapes.


4) Spray Painted Turkey Art

Spray Painted Turkey Craft

For this art, you will require, watercolor pad, liquid watercolors, spray bottles, construction papers, googly eyes.

First of all, cut the feathers shapes from construction papers. Now take the watercolor pad and put the feathers on the watercolor pad. Now spray the paint colors on the sides of the feather. You can use different colored spray paint for coloring display. Now the time is to give the shape with brown paper and stick googly eyes on it. See how adorable and nice your Child’s turkey is. You can make different types of turkey shapes and stick in the middle of these feathers. Your spray painted turkey art is ready to wonder your child.

5) Color Matching Turkey Craft

Color Matching Turkey Craft

As we shown you before use a brown paper plate and staple the feathers using coloring card papers. Cut the feathers of the shapes you want. Now stick the small painted brown paper plate into the first paper plate and stick googly eyes on it. Cut the small triangle beak, snood, and turkey feet and glue it on the small turkey plate. In the end spread glue on the feathers and stick colored tissue paper squares on it. A mix and match turkey color craft is ready to make your child busy. If you want you can also make other faces using the same materials.


6) Thanksgiving Gratitude Prayer Bunting

Thanksgiving Gratitude Prayer Bunting


Traditionally it is called a Tibetan prayer flags which are used for a thanksgiving act. You can make this gratitude prayer bunting using half cut apple and different types of fabric paint. You can use white fabric and yellow, green, red paint to print the apple shapes. Cut the half of the apple and also cut handle on the surface. Just dip the half apple into color and print this on the fabric. Once you have done with printing let it get dried for some time. You can also write a message on this dried flags. Now make a garland of this flag pieces and hang it on the wall or on the top of the door. You can also use colored strings for hanging the flags.

7) Turkey Spin Art

Turkey Spin Art Thanksgiving Activities

Here is the cute turkey spin craft easy to make using a salad spinner. Just you need a paper plate and liquid paint to fit inside the salad spinner. Insert the white paper plate inside the spinner and put a liquid color on it. Now tell your child to spin it. Automatically color will spread magically on the paper plate. You can use apple stems to make a red ribbon. Just dip the apple stems in the red color and let it dry for some time. Brush a brown color on the toilet paper tubes.

Now, cut the sides of the paper tube and arrange the half fold spin art in these sides and paint the remaining part. Use an orange triangle to make a beak, googly eyes and red stems on the turkey spin art. You can also make different types of turkey faces using various types of color and tissue paper tubes.


Here are the learning Activities for Kids, can help them in knowing the color and use their creative minds too. Thanksgiving is near and people who want to celebrate this day with their children, these activities are helpful for them. This way you can give your precious time to your child and also motivate kids to educate and learn about colors and fruits. Enjoy your relaxing time with your kids with making this amazing toddlers craft.

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