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10 Insanely Clever Ideas for Your Pool You Should Start Using Today

10 Insanely Clever Ideas for Your Pool You Should Start Using Today

Pool is an enormous luxury but at the same time, a lot of fun. Depending on what you do with it, you can create a small haven for you and your family. It can be the design centerpiece of your backyard but it can also be a chill area for all your friends.

pool ideas

Here are some tips that will make your pool more beautiful, functional and ultimately, that much more fun!


  1. Creating a tropical garden

This is one of the coolest things you can do for your pool area. Most of us have a lot of flowers and trees in our backyard as it is. Why not go overboard and decorate the entire poolside with a lot of different plants? This will give it a natural look and return you to childhood when you loved hiding around in bushes and trees. Also, such environment is great for relieving stress.


  1. Make sure to have a clear view

A lot of people prefer having their privacy. They like secluding themselves in their backyard surrounded by hedges. And that is OK. However, you can also construct a pool so you can have one side of the view completely open. This is especially great for homeowners that live in secluded areas or on a hill. If your pool lacks heights, you can always elevate it a bit so you can get a clear view. There is nothing better than sipping a drink while in a pool a looking at the nature.


  1. Get a heater

Sometimes, you wish to stay outside for a longer period of time. There are also people who love taking a dip during cold weather. No matter what, make sure to get a heater for your pool. Do not rely solely on the sun to provide necessary temperature. You can also add some a patio heater so you can remain warm when getting out of the pool.


  1. Grotto or a waterfall?

Having a pool is great as it is. But, you can do much more with it. By adding a grotto or a waterfall, you add another layer of fun. This is especially amazing for young kids. On top of it, they also allow you to have some really romantic moments with your partner which you will cherish forever.

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  1. How about a sauna?

Sauna is one of those things you either love or hate. There is no point in persuading you to get one if you do not like it. Nevertheless, if you do, you just might consider getting a sauna near your pool.


  1. Utilize the grass

When constructing a pool, people pay extra attention the poolside. People love concrete pool decks as they allow them to place chairs nearby. In some cases, they convert entire backyard into a big concrete jungle. But, there are a lot of advantages to having grass as well. Some of us simply prefer relaxing on a towel which is placed on grass. Just so you have this option, try not to place asphalt all over the place. Otherwise, there may be a time in future when you hate this decision.



  1. Patio for friends

Nevertheless, even if you have patches of grass nearby, you should still use one side of the pool to create a patio. As previously said, you can use pools during the whole day. There is no need to return inside. Instead, you can have your meals outside and when the night comes, you can simply put a towel over your shoulders, turn on a heater and open a bottle of fine wine.


  1. Multimedia kingdom

Yes, pool should be primarily used as a form of relaxation and as a way to escape all the daily fuss. Some of you will hate the idea of having phones and electronic devices nearby. However, there is another way to look at things. There are some benefits of having a big screen TV near the pool. Let’s say, couple of your friends come for a ball game. Instead of sitting inside, on a couch, why not watch the game from the pool?


  1. Under a glass dome

Pool can be used during the whole year. There is no reason to use it exclusively during the summer. As a way to protect yourself from bad weather, rain and wind, you can construct a glass dome. This will add the necessary protection. This is an amazing solution for people who love to swim or train during the whole year.


  1. Always get a longer pool

A lot of homeowners make a mistake by constructing a pool that can be used exclusively for relaxation. Who knows, perhaps one day, your kids would like to train swimming and they are limited by the size of the pool. So, make sure to construct a longer one.

There we go! You have all the necessary ideas and tips in this article. Also, we suggest to always keep your pool clean as hygiene is an important part of having pool fun. Enjoy your swimming pool!

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