7 Countries that Run 100% on Clean Energy

Wind turbines farm

You might not have heard of small island countries like Bonaire or Tokelau before. They might not have significant roles in the world stage, but they have done something big. They have completely switched to renewable energy.

They have proven other bigger nations that it can be done. A lot of countries were surprised that they were able to do this complete switch. In many other countries, there are still lots of debate on whether global warming is real or not. They also argue on whether it is caused by human activities or not.

For these small countries, it is no longer up for debate. Global warming is real and they have already felt its effects. If they can’t do anything about it, they will still be the first victim if nature strikes back. This is why shifting to clean energy was really a serious thing for them to do.

When people and government hold hands to fight global warming and do real changes, it can be done. They have started moving towards the right direction even if there are lots of skeptics who have told them that climate change is just a phase that will soon be over.

It is time to keep asking your government to stop relying on fossil fuels and shift to renewable energy. These clean energy sources are enough to power an entire country. Even Denmark has proven it to be true.

The infographic below shows the list of countries that have shown that clean energy dependence is possible. There should be no more global warming debate at this point.


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