6 Ways to Make Your Diamond Wedding Ring Look Bigger

When it comes to the price of diamond rings, some factors play a major role, including factors like the carat weight, the type of gold, the number of stones, and size of the diamond. For most couples, finding the right wedding rings is a challenging endeavor as it becomes difficult to find the right size that meets your expectation, and specification while fitting the bill perfectly.  Why do couples face this problem? The truth is that when it comes to finding the right ring, there are bigger, smaller, rarer and more expensive choices.

Today, finding a ring with a large diamond is rare because their supply has gone down due to their cost over smaller stones. If you are searching for a wedding ring, you may wonder whether it is possible to buy a bigger looking diamond ring without breaking the bank. Thanks to advancements in jewelry making, today you can choose different ways to make a diamond on a ring look bigger than it actually is. Go through the amazing six tips below!

1.     Buy Fancy Shapes Instead of the Mainstream Round Cuts

A round diamond ring often looks smaller than a fancy cut diamond ring with the same carat weight. If you go for fancy cuts like a marquis or emerald cut, your ring can get a bigger look and you can have it for a low price at the same time. Besides these unique benefits, fancy shapes also help to define the character of the ring from the regular designs. It also shows your choice and personality for something out of the ordinary. So, if you are speculating on which diamond cut looks bigger when compared to the carat of gold, go for oval, marquise, pear, and other cuts that provide a better coverage on your finger.

However, you should take note of a few things. When you choose fancy cuts, the shine and glitter that round cut rings have would not be visible on your fancy shaped ring. Speaking in technical terms, round cut rings outperform fancy cut diamonds in terms of brilliance and light performance. This is a precise reason why fancy shapes are usually preferred for their symbolism and unique look only.

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2.     Use Halo Setting to Enhance the Ring

Halo and pave setting are designs in which the large surface area of the ring gets smaller diamond coverings. These tiny diamonds could also be set into leveled holes, with prong holds. Since small diamonds are more reflective when packed together closely, they help to create a fused appearance.   This helps to make the diamond ring look bigger and extremely hard to figure out where the smaller stones are unless one closely examines it. The only drawback with this ring choice is the additional material and workmanship costs that tag along.

3.     The “Optical” Illusion

The optical illusion works like magic to make the diamond look bigger. Jewelers usually integrate the tools that would create the illusion into the base of the mounting (the place where the diamond would sit). In its simple form, the illusion makes use of mirror plates or reflective metal collars along the circumference of the diamond. This collar gives the center stone a better glitter and makes it look bigger. Although this method is the cheapest one available these days, the only downside it has is, the mirrored setting could become dull once any damage occurs.

4.     Smaller Side Stones to Highlight the Ring

Side diamonds can create an extra edge that draws attention towards the center of the diamond. This helps to make the center stone look larger, the ring looks more extravagant and adds more dimensions of sparkle to the main center diamond. To make the center diamond look bigger, you can also choose a setting that makes use of fewer prongs to hold the diamond. A slimmer shank could also help to create a stronger contrast between the metal band and the diamond. The best way to do this is to buy a ring with a thin shank setting instead of making modifications to the existing setting.

5.     A “Bezel Setting” Looks Great

This is ring design comes with a metal rim circles around the main diamond to enhance its outline. It offers additional support, protection, prevents chip offs for daily wear, and enhances the size of the main diamond.

6.     Modify the Shallow Diamond Cut

Shallow cut diamonds usually have a face-up size that is bigger than the normal cut diamonds. When a diamond comes with a shallow depth, the weight emphasis is on the pavilion and crown areas of the diamond. This is a great deal in terms of size and sparkle. While a shallow ring, looks physically bigger it can lose its brilliance due to a decrease light performance.

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It is easy to make a ring look bigger; you just have to know which Aida Designs US diamond cut looks best and consult jewelers for the best options!

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