5 Tips for Choosing a Fitness Routine

It isn’t that difficult tostart exercising. Almost everyone does at some point in their lives, but mostpeople don’t stick to it long enough. This is mostly due to the fact that theyhaven’t chosen their routine carefully enough.

The routine needs to be planned out in advance and organizedaround your health, habits and overall goals. That will make the workout moreengaging, and prevent you from becoming bored with it quickly, as it usuallyhappens.


What do you want to accomplish?

In theory, you should be working out to improve your overallhealth and fitness. However, most people don’t do it with that in mind; they doit because they want to lose weight, get in shape for the summer or run amarathon.

That’s why you should start planning your routine. When you knowwhat you’re trying to accomplish, you can plan the routine accordingly. It’simportant not to set too difficult a goal, but also not to forget to make itchallenging.


How’s your health?

You shouldn’t overburden yourself with exercise. The fitnessroutine should make you push yourself a bit and be increasingly difficult, butit shouldn’t endanger your health at any time. Schedule a checkup before youstart working out and tell your doctor about your plans. If there are any medicalconditions that could affect your training, alert the staff at the gym about it.

Besides health issues, check your fitness levels by performing afew simple tests. See how long it takes to run a mile,and how many sit ups, pushups and squats you can do in a row. The goal shouldbe to gradually improve these results.



Some fitness routines would require you to invest a bit of moneyin necessary equipment. How much money you’re going to invest will depend onthe routine you choose. Take stock of your equipment and determine your budgetbefore making any decisions, because a workout shouldn’t be about equipment,but good gear can make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Regardless of the routine, there are a few things you shoulddefinitely have. A good pair of bodybuilding shoes, a couple of shirts that absorbmoisture, a few towels and a reliable pair of earbuds should be found in anygym bag.


Don’t break the chain

If you have trouble finding motivation or you know that you tendto quit these sorts of projects after a while, try to plan your routine in the“don’t break the chain” format.  This means that you are obligated to doat least some exercises for a designated number of days.

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The goal of organizing the program in this manner is to keep goingeven when you don’t feel like it. That’s why the exercises shouldn’t be equallyvigorous each day. You should let your body rest and make a symbolic effort atleast once a week.


Workout buddy

Working out is easier when done with a partner. That way, you getto motivate and encourage each other. This support is mostly psychological, butyou can also prevent injuries or provide assistance if the injury does occur.


This also means that you should organize a routine based on theneeds and abilities of both of you. This requires planning and compromise, toensure neither is slacking off.

There are numerous ways to organize a fitness routine. Theimportant thing is to do it thoroughly and to take your health and fitnessgoals into consideration.

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