How to create a marketplace website like amazon, ebay, Flipkart?

I would like to start by listing out that all that’s big today was smaller that we could ever think. At this moment I would like to state a famous quote of Usain Bolt. “They were in the womb, yet to be conceived as an idea, before they were born and tried to crawl around, tottering to fall each time trying to get up and after multiple failures, finally catching hold of something and standing up on its feet, still not knowing how to walk. But as years roll, things will not be the same for a person who tries consistent. The same child who has fallen could be the today’s fastest man on globe over speeding the cheetah”.

It all started nowhere, yet with consistency and unfailing attempts to get the real out come from you. It will bring you much closer to success on a massive scale. The Indian Business Tycoon, Ambani was struggling to stand on his own for 10 years and his ideas were still in mind. It took him almost more than a decade to bring in his effort to start his journey. With less that 2 generation he has formed his own empire and his family is ruling every sectors in Indian Market.

I’m mentioning some of the requirements that you need to keep up while you have a successful Multivendor Ecommerce store in hand.

The major fold paths to success from Webnexs are:

#1. Begin with Initial Step – Listing  your requirements.

You will be having few plans in your mind while you start your journey and thinking how the new age progress will be and what are all the things that you should look forward in store and how does the features will help you to move towards your success. You can reach them in random dots and verify if all of them are in the right sync with your objective of making a multivendor marketplace.

If you fairly don’t know how you can make an effort to connect your plan to the needs, well our preceptors who are specialised in goal oriented approach will guide on identifying the business precedence and provide you the best compatible Marketplace solutions that you are looking for.

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So, ideation is a place where you organize your future course of action, features required to operate the business to success. Webnexs can surely help you attain these things.

Know what are the list of features that is available.

Understanding the ideas about the features is the next significant thing. You should know to categorize the features into segments.

  • Basic fundamental features.
  • Peripheral Features.
  • Tertiary Features.

#2.  What are basic fundamental features? 

You need to go along with your objective to identify what is primary. Anything that connects sellers to the buyers is the basic fundamental thing. You need to include multiple sellers to the online store, need to have the option of seller’s product to be overviewed by you, must have a solution to have the sellers add multiple products in the store. You should also be able to add, modify and manage these sellers by yourself.

At the same time, you should be able to receive the orders from the buyers and it should be moved through to the seller’s dashboard as well. If this option is available with minimal design and less or no mess, then definitely you can go with such future based company. If you are working less on tertiary and peripheral features, then you are on a safer space free of bugs or only a small amount of maintenance is required.

#3. What are peripheral features, Tertiary features?

Any feature that helps around yet does not directly subsidize anything to the sale in the store is absolutely peripheral. For instance, crosselling, upselling, subscribe, RMA, customer order cancellations and any more are assistants in helping the sales or performance. Though if you isolate these from you store, yet your store can perform well without any issues. So, try to organize around these individually after your launch.

#4. What kinds of automations should I require within my setup?


You can accompany both shipping as well as payment gateway automations. By shipping automation, I mean, you need to connect your store directly to your shippers. And once your store starts to receive order, and you select the create AWB, then it’s done, you need to notify your shippers about the pending orders in the store. Your shippers can come, receive the order and precede the further process. And your order transit can be shown to the customers as and when it’s getting updated.

Payment automations include, auto switching of the mode from unpaid to pay and to start the journey of order processing and shipping in the store. This part is much important to speedtrack the work that is needed without manual intervention. By anymeans, it shaves off 80% of the workload.

#5. MVPs are the talk, is that really a matter to give thought?

MVPs are the talk of the town. They help the start-up owners to understand and get educated, learn, build and test their ideas in the market quickly than anything else. So, in order to setup the cost, MVP concept should be implemented in the business development.

Failing to know the concept and ranking of MVP in loads of investment will be a dreadful suicide of business. As a developer, we would always recommend you to go along with MVP approach.   

#6. What are the features that Webnexs can offer with my marketplace development?

Here, I’, listing out the features that Webnexs can offer in the course of Multivendor Marketplace development. You can take a look at the features provided by Webnexs from here.

#7. Support for my ecommerce store development?

You can get an unlimited support for the first 3 months after which, we would support with an supplementary contract and then you can get unlimited support while at the time of contracting period on bugs and other information regarding the store development.

#8. Will I be able to avail documentation on the store developed?

Yes of course. We provide you the full features of the store documented, so that you can know the entire processes that are happening under the store. Once your project is at the end of the track, you documentation will be shared. At the same time you can also have additional support from our developers.

#9. Will I be able to get multiple vendors? What are the features available to them?

Yes, that’s the key of this system; you can always receive the multivendor store ready through Webnexs. Webnexs multivendor ecommerce system contributes 600+ features that are required for your store. You can take a look at them here

#10. Can I always have a hold over my vendors?

Yes, you can have unlimited and unique hold over your vendors. You can add your vendor, modify or delete them and manage their payments etc. With this method, your prospect on the store with managing vendors is unlimited.


Webnexs presents marketplace solution to its clients with break through functions. You take a look at the demo of marketplace here.

If you would like to talk to one of our pre-sale specialist, and helping you in directing queries of this project development, contact here

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