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Finding the Right Retro Bar Stools

Home decor is one of the most important things that homemakers are concerned about. Decorating a home can be an expensive task if you have not planned things well. There are many things to consider while decorating the interior, be it for a commercial or residential purpose. One of the most important things is the seating arrangement in the living rooms, dining area, and kitchen counters. For such cases, the new and popular idea is purchasing retro bar stools. They not only just look good but also increase the aesthetic value of the house. They are gaining popularity and are in demand these days owing to the wide variety of different sizes, materials, and designs they are available in.

Retro bar stools can be available in various shades, shapes, and sizes but choosing which one is suitable for your purpose is a tough task as there are a lot of factors which have to be taken into consideration. These stools look good but not all of them are suitable for your decor. Be it for the commercial or residential purpose, these tools are available and applicable for all, but one has to be very sure about what they are looking for.

Here are some factors which should not be overlooked while purchasing retro bar stools for home:

  • The stool height is one of the most crucial aspects which should be taken into consideration. Stools are available in various heights and all of them are used for different purposes. One should know what kind of height is suitable for what type of purpose and then understand what they are looking for and for what purpose. For instance, stools of the height of 18 inches are used for vanity tables, dressing tables, and slot machines. In case, you have a bar at home, such retro bar stools are advised. For the kitchen, stools with 36 to 39 inches height are considered suitable while for counters, stools with 24 to 26 inches height are recommended. For commercial purposes, 26 to 31 inches is the range which is widely used, however, in proper bars, one might find stools with heights ranging from 40 to 45 inches. Thus, these tips are important to recall but then the decision is all yours as you will look for retro bar stools according to your purpose and preference.
  • It is important to do the math while deciding how many stools you require. Know the requirement, find the length of your counter against which the stools will be placed and then divide it by the width of the stool plus 5 inches. Those additional inches are for spacing in between the stools so that people can get enough leg room space. However, if the retro bar stools have handles or have a wide base, then adjust a little more spacing in between the stools.
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Retro Bar Stools

Retro bar stools can be made up of many different materials. However, it depends upon your needs and aesthetics whether to choose what you see or not. As mentioned earlier, the purpose, the place, and the budget play a huge role in making the right decision. For instance, if you want a quick meal and want to sit for a while then classic but low-profile tools made of steel are a good option or something similar to that taste. Also, if you are using it for dinner, then comfy and soft seating with back support is a must.

Retro bar stools can be a little expensive but then they are worth the investment. They enhance the look of the interior and are also, a good way to showcase your taste for the classics.

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