Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

In this 21st century, the world has modified itself by the use of technologies and new advancement. We can compare the vast difference of this and past era. Social media is the most successful innovation of modern world it makes the world shrink by its existence in every field. Social media is considered as the basic need of every house and work place. It is very hard for a person to endure without it. On the other hand, like its advantages, there are some disadvantages too which put the life of a human in danger.


Firstly, the major increase of social media is because it connects people from their family and friends who live in abroad or far away from them. It also helps to get in touch with like-minded people. Now, most of the people are using social media for increasing their business revenue by interacting with the world.

Secondly, social media also create hype in the field of politics. People can find official accounts of political celebs and exchange their ideas and views about their work over twitter and face book. This is the best way for the celebs to gain popularity among the public by tweeting a single line and after that get million of comments over it.

Furthermore, these social sites like Skype, face book messenger, IMO, WhatsApp and etc are helping many students in a way to complete their academic group project by contacting them through it. Many of the students are taking advantages from these sites for the educational purposes and scored well.

Another, most common use of social media by which people are benefiting is marketing of the product. There are millions of entrepreneurs available over social media and It is the best place to advertise the product and multiply the digits of their purchasers through it.Social media, on the other hand, provide the guidance to the people when they need. Google is the biggest name of social media which assist people in every field of life from basic to expert level. By its single click, people obtain immeasurable benefits.


Alternatively, interaction with people through the internet will lose the original charm of relations in the real world. It is very difficult for a person to maintain the level of trust with his friend over social media. Teenagers sometimes spoil their selves by it excessive use.

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Moreover, one of the main causes of exploitation through social media is sexual harassment. It is also known as Cyber bullying. Social media is like an open book of life for everyone. Many hackers hack information and private photographs of teenage girls and boys to harass and threat them for money.

Another example of exploitation by social media is online sexual exploitation which is destroying the lives of many teenage girls and boys. The result of this destruction is suicidal deaths in the society. Many organizations are working on this issue to reduce the number of cyber crimes from the society. On the other side, there are many criminal activities are happening in the surrounding because of the social networking. Users mentioned their addresses on their social networking public accounts which become negative for them according to the security of their lives, home, and money.

Surprisingly, social media is the foundation of wastage of precious time among youngsters. It has limitless negative impacts over their lives. Students become addicted to it. By its overuse students turn out to be lazy too. In fact, social media shares rumors and false news about many politicians and other celebrities which creates negativity in the society.

On the whole, after use of social media and its several networking sites, this topic is still an argument among the people. According to many, it throws positivity in the world. Whereas, others believe that it is the root cause of the destruction of human nature and their activities. Its extreme use conveys a pessimistic view among the public which not a good sign.

Obviously, interaction with strangers and sharing private information also support the criminal to perform crime without any fear.

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